Dear Writer’s Block, You Suck!

Hello,  It’s been awhile since I’ve actually done a post. All of my Tune Tuesday posts are done ahead and then saved on their days of schedule. In the beginning, I wrote out days just to keep track and see how long it would actually last, I’ve got two more months left before I can switch the theme up. I’ve actually been thinking of a new theme for Tune Tuesdays, thinking of the lines of female fronted bands + new bands, I’d like to call it “Female Empowerment.” Because metal seems like it’s still a man’s world and male listeners are pretty judgemental about female lead singers and musicians in actual bands. So I thought it would be a good idea to try to take away the stigma. I’m a lover of female fronted bands more than all-male bands. I don’t know why but it all started when I got into Evanescene, Within Temptation, In This Moment, and Lacuna Coil. I wanted more after hearing these bands and that’s what I’ve been doing all these years. 

I’ve been incredibly lazy in the last few days. I think that bike rally took all of my creativity out of me because I haven’t blogged about ANYTHING since then and now I’m in a writer’s rut. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if I hadn’t gotten asked to do something pretty cool recently. I’m still keeping that under wraps as of now, because I’m still deciding whether or not I want to do it. Only two actually know about this. Since I’ve been really positive and looking for second (sometimes third) chances everywhere that I don’t want to make the same mistake again, but I’m afraid of the end result because I’m a blogger, I didn’t go to school to become a writer. I don’t want somebody critiquing my writing style. I’m a very honest person and I like to be myself, even in the writing world. I’m a blogger, not a journalist and I still don’t want to be one either, but certain opportunities are hard to come by and this seemed too good to be true. I’m in between at the moment. 

I think I have lost my mind. A few days ago, I was on my Spotify and looking for new music. I just watched Miranda Lambert’s music video of “Something Bad” with Carrie Underwood. I love the song, don’t care much for the video though. I was looking at the side videos on the right on YouTube and I see “Brantley Gilbert” and I was like, “ooh, new song!” When his new album came out a few months ago, it didn’t show up on Spotify like all of my others I listen to constantly. I was bummed because I was actually excited to hear it. Well, I remembered on our second day we went up to the bike rally, I heard this song and immediately recongized Brantley’s voice right away, but I swore I heard Luke Bryan’s as well. I decided to click this video of “Small Town Throwdown” and found the song I heard that afternoon but that definitely wasn’t Luke’s voice. A little bit after it ended, something in me said “go look and see if the album is there.” Sometimes my gut is a damn genius because it was there. I love the album and I was in my sister’s room Sunday watching/helping her pack for this week and I sat in there for two hours or so, listening to Brantley Gilbert and I didn’t have anything bad to say, that is until Miley Cryus came on and I wanted to run the hell away! 

Even though, there are three good hefty paragraphs I don’t think I did much to have stopped my writer’s block or whatever. I need to really clean my room today. It needs it, my dad and I basically lost our heads yesterday because we lost my headband and when my mom came home she found it on the push wheelchair. It blended perfectly because we searched the whole day with no such luck. Okay, I’m going to stop rambling and figure out something to do. Bye! 


One thought on “Dear Writer’s Block, You Suck!

  1. I love to write FLASH FICTION. Almost each week I respond to the word prompt Lillie McFerrin gives her readers each week for which they need to write a FIVE SENTENCE FICTION on her website I find by attempting to respond to her prompt word it helps me to get the creative juices flowing inside those little grey cells in my mind.

    In the example below I added to the challenge by creating an acrostic using the letters of the prompt word to form the beginnings of each of the five sentences. This is what I wrote for the prompt word of DANCING.


    DA NCING has always been the favorite pastime for Michael and Charlene ever since they met at their high school prom.

    N early fifty years ago there, they sat, two wallflowers staring at each other while everyone danced.

    C ursing themselves that no one had come over to ask for a dance all night simply because no one would have thought they had the ability.

    IN secure, Michael finally got up the nerve and timidly turned to ask Charlene for a dance, which she nervously accepted.

    G racefully they started to dance to the amazement of everyone there; their dance card now filled for the rest of the night, and their lives.

    Once you’ve written a response on your blog site you post a link back on her site so her readers can comment on each other’s endeavors


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