It Had To Be Done Part 2

Well this is my last post and then you won’t hear me talk about the biker rally anymore. 😦

Waking up Saturday morning after laying in the tent all night was interesting. One of the things that I knew would happen is that we’d all get up at once because anytime any one of us moved the air mattress went up and down with their movements. It also started to storm around 4am so that also woke us up too. One of our camping neighbors gave us this huge pink trash bag to put over my wheelchair in case it did rain last night. My dad ended up getting up a little bit after the storm had started because he wanted to know how long it would actually last and he put all of the bikes under the second canopy, also got breakfast from one of the venues down by the stage.  We decided to let my dad take me out of the tent this time and that ended up being a little easier than putting me in there the night before. I ate a little bit of what was on dad’s plate and regrouped. I was definitely ready for round two, but my dad kind of wasn’t and he wanted to go home and regroup there. So we ended up going home a little bit after that and I was growing a bit concerned because my mom and I really wanted to cone back that night to see Warrant but it was up in the air.

In a way, dad had the right idea. There wasn’t much to do in the day but walk around and it was gradually going to get hotter as the day went on, so I understood that and when we got home. ChiChi was so happy to see us even though I’m pretty sure she was loving sleeping in my parent’s bed by herself in the pink blanket. When I got on my bed, I laid out on my stomach for a few seconds to relax my back and hips. I actually missed my bed. I’m not going to lie, I really did. We ended up swinging by Burger King on our way home and I got French Toast sticks for breakfast while my parents got Whoppers and onion rings, trust me at this point of time all three smells were heavenly in the car. When we got home, I ate and then I tried to figure out how to start my first installment of talking about how the start of my weekend and I could NOT find my words on how to start it. I think I tried like ten times in different ways but nothing wanted to mesh and generate sentences. Even when our actual neighbors came back to get changed and more stuff to bring up there, they came over and Sammy sat on my bed and I was like, “I’ve tried to figure it out but nothing will come together.” She was hoping that we’d go back that night too. She knew how much I wanted to, and literally after they left we started loading up our stuff and went back there.

This time getting up there wasn’t so bad but there were a LOT more people there and a LOT more bikes than the night before. It was a bit difficult to get around in the car but thankfully everybody was still respectable when I was getting around in the wheelchair. I hung out by the tent less than the day before. Which was fine by me because I had a full battery on both my chair and my phone. So this time I was ready for the day and night. Getting through the crowd up the stage was pretty easy but I definitely felt a lot shorter in the sea of all these people around me, thank god they were all nice! When the last band was done, we went back up the hill and I stayed up there with Sammy and Alex while the grill heated up. Sammy feed me a raspberry jello shot and that was basically the only alcohol I had in the last two days and that was okay for all of us. When my parents were ready to go to bed, my dad put me in the tent and it was pretty hilarious considering he grabbed me got down on his hills and basically tossed me on the side up against the side of the tent. Apparently I kept kicking him the night before but it was really him doing the kicking, since his legs were twitching up a storm. We all agreed that we got more sleep and were comfortable in our original positions Friday night than Saturday night. Because when we got up that morning, something in our bodies was either hurting like a bitch or cold as hell. That was my problem, usually my Transformers is pretty good on making me warm but since I was on the side, I was getting drafts all over the place.

Now to explain the title of these posts. Two of dad’s friends Terry and Vern didn’t have a tent to sleep in that night and so they slept on the chairs next to the fire. Well, in the middle of the night Terry said he started to feel the whole part moving and found Vern doing something to one of the cup holders on the chairs and I guess broke it and he kept saying as they both were telling the story that morning, “it had to be done” even though we were a bit lost on what actually had to be done, I thought “hey, that’s a good title” and then from there the sentences started to form and I didn’t have a notebook on me to get started on it. So I had to wait a few hours. A little bit later, dad started to pack up things, Mama woke up from her slumber and we headed home for good, but this time I was happy to go home and stay there. Even though I had a great time and I heard my mom talking to their friends, “you know she won’t let us go by ourselves now.” And I could not stop myself and shouted, “nope.” I definitely will not let that happen. The next one is in October and I’m really hoping I get to go to that one since it close to my birthday. I heard that one can get pretty crazy too. Mama said Plummer is pretty mild compared to both Boogie and Hog Rock. I got through this, now I want more!




The ONE Metallica Tribute band got a picture with me after their concert Friday night. Sadly, the lighting was bad but I tried to edit it up and this is as good as it got but that's okay with me!
The ONE Metallica Tribute band got a picture with me after their concert Friday night. Sadly, the lighting was bad but I tried to edit it up and this is as good as it got but that’s okay with me!

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