Book Review: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning


Book: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning

Genre: Contemporary/Erotica/BDSM

I have been trying to finish up this book for quite some time. I got back in late December or early January, I honestly don’t remember but I know it was around there because when I had made my “Books To Read 2014” list at the beginning of the year this was at the top of the list. Sadly, I haven’t made a dent in that list and I continued to look for more books. I have been reading less this year and I don’t know why because in a way this book was really good! I think as I got towards 30% I started to realize that I had been reading the series out of order, but in a way I haven’t. You see I’m reading them as the author released them and not in their specific order they are supposed to be in. I read the first book Backstage Pass in 2011. I read the second book and I’m pretty sure it’s the next one in order, Rock Hard but after that one I think I got messed up. Back in 2012, I got Double Time and it was the third book in the series to be released but yet it’s the last book of the series. So you can say it, I know what happens at the end of the series. What’s weird is that I know this but I’m still wanting to read these last books.

After I finished Double Time I was still in love Trey Mills. I mean, how can you not be in love with a guitar player? I never did a book review of his story or Sed Lionheart’s either (Rock Hard) so this is my first book review of the series since 2011. When I first BP I got the memo that Jace Seymour was very much in the background because he was still fairly new in the band, Sinners. Jace is the band’s new bassist after replacing their original member Jon Mallory. He gets teased by the band and their drummer has the most fun, Eric Sticks. In this book though, Hot Ticket it is all about Jace and how he came to be so quiet and confused about his life. He had experience a great deal of tragedy over his parents, his ex-girlfriend Kara Sinclair (if you have read the first book then you know this is Master Sinclair’s little sister) and has one hell of a fetish. He likes pain. Jace thinks that he should experience any kind of pain, however leaning towards the physical side of pain. That’s when he meets Aggie, or should we say Mistress V. Now Aggie makes her appearance in RH as a friend of Jessica Chase, so you what she does and a very small dose of who she is as a person.

Aggie has experience almost the same amount of tragedy as Jace, but nothing as extreme. In this book, we see Aggie go through life at the club dancing for men trying to pick up “victims” for the other part of her life that’s very dear to her heart. Mistress V is a dominatrix. Yup, you read that twice! There are a lot of books out there of the males point of view as the dom but never the women. Aggie spots Jace at the club were she works and can’t quite stop herself from looking at his body and gorgeous smile. When she whips out her leather whip onto him, she knows that he would be fun to tame. However, in the next coming chapters after that she realizes that’s a bit harder than it looks. Aggie and Jace have one hell of a love affair going on in the book, they learn about each other hardships, she wants to try to get Jace to open up to her about what happened to his parents and why exactly he needs pain to feel alive, even though she’s perfectly fine with mixing pain and pleasure she as a professional can’t stay from him and he is scared that’ll she won’t understand him. In the other books, you do see Eric giving Jace a hard time but everybody in the band did that too. Eric is somewhat special for Jace but then again so is Brian. Jace has a special but also a heartbreaking memory of the two guys separately. One involves a drumstick and the other involves Kara Sinclair. By the last few chapters, you find all about that and more.

Am I sad that after Eric’s book I’ll be completely done with the series? Yes. Why? Because I have never actually finished a book series. Movies and TV shows I can watch from the time it starts to the last episode, but I have never completed a book series. To me, it would be a great accomplishment because I didn’t think I’d ever get into this series in the first place. At the beginning, I was on the other side about rockstar finding love and if it would be true or not, well after I started reading this and two other series just like that, I’ve been kind of changing my mind over the matter. Even though these guys are fictional (thank god!) you still have tons of love like they were a real band. I still try to figure out in the bands that I enjoy listening to, if they’d be perfect for Brian, Sed, Trey, Jace, and Eric. So far I only have two perfect guys for both Sed and Jace. As I was reading HT I got into the band Of Mice & Men and thought to myself that Austin Carlile would make a really good Sed in a way. Olivia Cunning already posted a few pictures of who she had in mind for Jace Seymour and I could definitely see Matt Walst of My Darkest Days and Three Days Grace for Jace, but only with his blonde hair. So far that’s all I’ve gotten for the Sinners but maybe once I start on Eric’s story, which is called Wicked Beat maybe I’ll have a better candidate for him.

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