Playing Favorites

Last night, I had a fun time just hanging out on our back porch while our flock of cats. This was my second visit I did sitting on my butt. After the first time, I told myself not to be in such a rush getting out there because then I’ll be miserable trying to catch my breath and I’ll really be hurting in my back and hip areas. This time I grabbed my phone and proceeded to “jog” my way out of the house. I didn’t force myself to go faster and now that I knew how far the door opens I know where I need to be, but this time our cat Oliver wanted to come out with me. He’s been wanting to spend a lot of time with me lately. I don’t know why but he’s been sitting on my laptop while I eat and laying on my Transformers blanket. Usually anytime I go outside I’m in one of the wheelchairs but I’m always taller than them and can easier miss my limit and fall out so my mom suggested this and we’ve been doing it ever since. It’s nice be at the same level as the bigger cats like Bootsie, Midget, Grumpy and Wren. I think the babies though are a lot better with me being at their level, I’m less scary to them. This seemed to be true after I got to spent time with Grumpy’s twin, Stormy. She let me pet and take pictures of her. We are in the process of sailing the babies even though I’m pretty sure my dad wants to keep Kelso, as we had someone looking at them and he yelled out to my mom, to sale the females first! Kelso is our only male.






While I was sitting outside, the cats that were on the porch were basically ignoring the crap out of me and passed out. I feel bad for them because I wasn’t the only one getting bit by these damn mosquitos, so were they! Little Stormy was obviously not happy about them being around her ears. She had to change her position about three times just to get comfortable and get them to leave her alone. I spent my time taking pictures and comparing Grumpy to Stormy. They do look like twins. If it wasn’t for their size difference you’d think they were in the same litter. I had my hair in a ponytail and I had some of my bangs hanging down in my eyes and I had hoped the corner of my eyes was just from my hair but unfortunately it wasn’t. A mosquito had gotten me right by my eye and of course you can’t put itch cream on that part so I had to deal with it. Thankfully I can’t reach up there or it would have been a real problem. I thought once I was ready for bed, it would just drive me nuts but by the time I went to bed my mom said you could hardly see it. Oh, everybody knows that I love sunsets. I love taking pictures of it at least! Well, I figured out how to get the tall trees with my phone. Who says if you take pictures with your feet you can’t get the top? I’m pretty proud of myself and I even took a selfie but I will not share that on here. I look okay, but this post isn’t about my looks. Just the cats and great outdoors!





3 thoughts on “Playing Favorites

  1. well, I can look at cats all day…I have two girls…one 15 years old and one will be 1 around the end of the year…both are sweethearts …but, quite different…I’ve never seen a 6 toed cat…is that unusual???…all are pretty…hope you find them good homes…


  2. We had a six-toed polydactyl cat (aptly named Toby) for 14 years. They’ve got a very interesting history, most recently dating back to Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida.

    Alas, our current pet (Milo) is “normal.” Or at least he has the standard number of toes. But if we ever saw a polydactyl cat available for adoption again, I think we’d snap him up in a second. I love their little catcher’s mitts.

    Thanks for linking up again, Meghan. See you again on the 1st.


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