Fireworks Go Boom!

Hello everybody!

I am still recovering from last night’s fun. Even though I didn’t do much of anything yesterday and last night, but talk, eat, and laugh my ass off! I started my day off early after my mom left for work I ended up staying up for another hour. I was so happy that my movies that I had found two nights ago were on and DVR was recording them for me. Are there any 90’s kids out there who remembers the FernGully movies? I was addicted to them as a kid, but I hadn’t seen them in YEARS so I was literally going insane with pure joy when I went to record them. My parents think I’m weird again. I went back to sleep at ten and woke back up at noon. I ate lunch and Blondie secretly brought in both Rory (Aurora) and Kells and it was so cute! I was busy typing something and I saw this little thing at the corner of my eye. I just thought it was my paranoia but nope, it was Rory who wasn’t in the mood to come in my room. According to Blondie, she’ll be an inside cat but right now that isn’t looking like a grantee. When Kells was inside he kept wanting to wonder around my floor and actually played with us. After she left, about fifteen minutes later she came back asking me if I wanted to go outside and play with them while she washed her car. Why not? She got out the push wheelchair and sat in that the entire time. I didn’t get bitten by a mosquito until the very end of being out there. Thankfully, we still had itch cream left after her batch a couple of weeks ago.

When I came back inside, I found out that Kellie Elmore had posted Free Write Friday’s prompt and surprisingly I got an idea for it right after the page loaded. I’m actually pretty proud of it, because I took two breaks in the middle of it and our internet went off yesterday afternoon and I still ended up finishing it in three hours. When it went off, I was in the beginning works of the fourth sentence and I reacted quickly and copied it and pasted to Microsoft Word before anything else happened to it. I listened to music for three hours nonstop and just let my mind flow onto the keypad. It has 3,746 words on it. I didn’t even bother counting any paragraphs this time. When I was finished, my dad came in ready to take me over to the neighbors. He changed me and put me in my wheelchair. When I got there they were playing corn hole and talking amongst themselves. Little Chevy sat on my lap showing me cute little pink toes, John Deere shirt, and smiled at me. She was not interested in the sparklers this year. When Sammy, Chey, and I had one she stayed as far away as she could. We ate first, my dad fired up some yummy pork chops on the grill. Theresa made her infamous potatoes and somebody made a good batch of baked beans and I’ve got to say I’ve never been a fan of baked beans and for me to say these were good is surprising! The special drink we was the orangiscle drink I told you about the last night. It was as good as the last time, but it still tasted good I thought, when the sun started to set in the sky, that’s when the games begin.

It didn’t take long after we all finished eating did other people were letting off fireworks. We basically got a nice light show from different angles. You honestly needed a chair that could do circles because they were everywhere but thanks to the damn trees if they didn’t go high enough then you could barely see them. I honestly have no idea what kind of fireworks we actually had last night, the only ones I remember were the different insect ones, like the hornets, ants, and crickets combo. I think the hornets and ants were the best out of the four, we had if I’m right bottle rockets. Because every year that we do this, it has become a tradition to not only scare the crap out of the old lady next door but also try to take out that light pole that is in the middle of the damn street! Last year, Sammy did end up hitting it but it do anything to it unfortunately. This year, everybody but me (and I was fine with this!) got the chance to hit it. Everybody missed but both Theresa and Sammy hit the pole so that was better than nothing. Oh, and we also had fire crackers. A family friends of ours actually had a pretty big surprise for us, he went and bought several different ones for us and it was awesome! Especially the big boomers and 1,200 fire crackers. Let’s just say half of the road has a long black line in the middle of it when they lit that sucker up! It was pretty loud too! Probably louder than the boomers. We also Chinese Lanterns that had the colors of the American flag on it. I actually got to let it off the ground. I’ve got to say last night was pretty successful and I have definitely embraced this photography side of me very well as that’s what I was doing throughout the whole I was there. So I hope everybody enjoy their weekend and enjoy these pictures!






11 thoughts on “Fireworks Go Boom!

      1. If you’re talking “cool” as weather wise, it was extremely cooler than last year. Once the sun went down though, I could have had a pair of socks and my jacket lol


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers that movie. I recorded the second one, but the screen is really small. I don’t know if its supposed to be like that or what, but it’s been bugging me. Lol

      It was a really good weekend, despite all the back pain I had along with it. 😛 and the lanterns they got this year were big. They definitely reminded me of like a hot air balloon in a way! You could see them as they flew away a lot better than the little ones we had.


      1. Yeah they do, but I’ve been feeling pretty good since yesterday morning. We’ve heard they’re kind of popular for weddings, so if you know anyone about to get married tell them to get them!! 😀


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