Picture It & Write: Infected Flower

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Picture It & Write prompt. This picture has been haunting me since last night before I went to bed so I decided that it probably won’t go away unless I try to do something with it. Enjoy!

skull rose

In certain countries, this is a taboo.
A curse of the eyes.
The elders call it the Medusa flower as they think she sent each seed down to be planted and show them the misery she was put through during her time on Earth.
She left these seeds laying on the ground in innocent places until one day they decided to bloom.
Legend says, that if you were to pick just one up from the ground it will start to scream.
A high-pitched sound that will pierce your eardrums, blood will spill out and kill you instantly.
If you survive an incident, you will be left with the annoying sound still ringing deep inside your soul.
Paranoia will take over you and suddenly everybody around you becomes your worst enemy.
All common medicines are no match for the ringing or the other symptoms you maybe experiencing.
Children are taught from a young age to never grab one or carry it to another adult, if one does, that child and their family will become an outcast of the community.
She showed no remorse for others.
No mercy for anyone, even the children that accidentally pick one.
They start out as innocent flowers but soon turn lethal, just like the devil herself.


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