Wedding In Autumn


The last wedding I went to, was in the late 90’s and I was under the age of 10. So I was dressed up in kid clothes and thought the sense of wedding was confusing. Now that I’m older and still single, wedding are something that’s just not on my radar very much. I was watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond one night and it was the episode that Amy asks Robert to help out with the invitations and Ray and Frank tell him to do an awful job on them so he wouldn’t have to do them anymore because Amy would just get mad at him and do it all herself. Well, I missed the ending of the episode so I didn’t get to see how it all worked out for him – with that family, I highly doubt it turned out like a good thing! One of the things that Ray says to Robbie is that Amy has been dreaming of her wedding day from a young age that she’ll do anything to make sure everything turns out the way she wishes.

As soon as I heard him say that, I literally thought to myself, not every woman dreams of her wedding from a young age. I sure as hell didn’t. It wasn’t until I was 17 or 18 years old before I started dreaming of decorations and my wedding dress. I had been watching Say Yes To The Dress and Platinum Weddings like a mad woman too! I was thinking of luxury and being a princess on my wedding day, which is freaky as I’d hate that now! It wasn’t until an episode of My Fair Wedding that kind of changed my outlook of what a wedding should look like and I’m not a country girl at all, but I thought a country like wedding set a sweet and cozy feel to the whole thing. The bride wanted sunflowers, cowboy boots, and mason jars as her center pieces. It was just a good easy wedding to have! That wedding ended up becoming one of my favorites! Now I’m going to my first wedding this fall and I will be legal to drink alcohol. I’ve seen movies (and even wrote) of relatives and friends getting so drunk  that they’ve basically ruined the reception. I’ve also heard of guests meeting their mate at weddings as well! Like I said too many movies! By the end of this thought I’m actually hoping my mom goes with me, but she will not be allowed to drink along with me.

My real concerns at the moment is what to wear. I’ve never been to a wedding as an adult before, so I know I can’t get a big formal dress like I did for my proms and I know you never want to overshadow the bride. So what you wear that’s nice, casual and flattering to a wedding in early autumn but late summer? Here it can be in the 80’s or the least it could be in the 50’s temperature wise. It can also be sunny as crap or partly cloudy with rain in the later part of the day. It just really depends! I asked my mom a few weeks ago, what do you wear to a wedding at this time and she said that you wear a dress. I’m not a very big fan of casual dresses because usually I don’t look as good as I’d like and getting in and out of the dress can be a hassle. I have been looking at these beautiful floral dresses at Wet Seal and Forever21 and thinking one of them can be a good idea. I am also a fan of jumpsuits, however I’ve never had one on before so I don’t have a clue or not if I’d actually look good in it. I do know that a nice regular T-shirt with one of my leggings just won’t cut it. Also I need help with my makeup. One of the things I’d like to do is wear a very bold shade of red lipstick as it’s on my bucket list and the bride said I should wear it for her wedding. That’s always nice to know of how much I’d like to wear it. What kind of eye makeup should I wear? I’m not a big makeup person so go easy on me, I’d rather not look like a clown here.