Blogs That I Love #9


Welcome to Friday! How was everybody’s week? I hope it was excellent. Since it’s the end of the week, I always try to help promote blogs that I just love to look at and read over if they’ve been updated recently. This week I wanted to spread some love on some blogs I think I need to start reading again. I’ve got so many that a lot of other blogs don’t get the respect and attention they deserve. To change that I need to recognize and share them with you guys, especially for those of you who are looking for new blogs to read too! So if you don’t already follow these lovely people and their blogs, you really should!

  1. Chriscoli’s World – Emily is such a sweetie! She’s also got a second side to her that you wouldn’t expect. She looks like any other girl, but she works on plays, she has written different plays and their scripts. She has been in the newspaper a few times where she lives. She’s also an author. She released the book, Vee for Victory last year I think. I really need to read it because I’ve read some of the snippets she’s posted on her Twitter before and some of the reviews of different people on the Amazon website. One of these days I will read it! Her blog is about her life, whatever is on her mind really. She has blogged about healthy living as well! I think she’s wonder woman.
  2. MKG: Memories, Keepsakes, Gifts – This next blogger, I hate saying I’ve only been on her blog only a handful of times and she’s been a trustee reader of my blog. She’s always posting a comment on my blog and saying the most nicest things. I really do like her blog, I do. Marilyn is what I would consider a lifestyle blogger. I love the way she posts her pictures, they’re endless! But that’s a good thing especially since she’s talking about her vacation right now. It just makes me wish I was out taking a vacation too, but we all know I wouldn’t be able to stay clear from my blog. She’s probably doing the exact same thing or thinking about her blog while she was out and about, we all do!
  3. Persnickety Mama – Lisa is another wonder woman, I think all of the bloggers on this post are wonder women in their right! Lisa is a mother of one, trying to run a business and find different things to keep herself occupied throughout the rest of her free time. She and I bonded over our fondness of DIY crafts on Pinterest. She has a lot of sewing and little art posts. My favorite of her stuff are her recipes actually, I find food posts are just addicting as watching both Food and Cooking channels on TV. She has to change up her diet as she has to eat gluten-free food. She’s done a couple of posts about French Macaroons and it has me waiting to not only eat one but also make them too! I even have that on my Bucket list!

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