Currently I’m


I’m pretty bored at the moment. Everybody here is taking a nap and I’m not in a nap kind of frame right now, even though my body says it could just sleep for a few days. Apparently it hasn’t calm down yet from all the fun over the weekend. I went over to my nana’s today while my parents went on a bike ride. I got to try out my new wheelchair over at their house and it sucked. I felt trapped in it and I’m not just saying it because I had a seatbelt on either. When you’re so used to being able to reach the floor without your butt falling out of the chair or say you have the controller at your toes just ready for you to turn it, being in a chair that literally makes you feel like its swallowing you whole and feeling trapped and hopeless is pretty easy. Hopefully my dad can take our neighbor into fixing it to be a little lower and fix the cracking noise it seems to make everytime I make on the seat. There’s a lot of things that just don’t work on it well yet. So I’m doing a “currently” list as a part of my Ketchup With Us by Mel and Michele list theme.

Reading: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning – Chapter 27
Trying: To be as quiet as I can be while having on my music on at the same time.
Drinking: Cherry RC
Texting: Nobody at the moment.
Pinning: Other DIY stuff for shirts.
Tweeting: My friend Claire 
Doing: Trying not to fall asleep and fall head first on the floor.
Loving: The sunshine and Transformers commercials on TV. 
Hating: My new regular wheelchair.
Discovering: New songs.
Enjoying: My beautiful Wednesday
Thinking: Oh, you don’t want to even know!
Feeling: Discouraged
Hoping: That what I want to do to a few of my shirts come out okay.
Listening: Epica’s “The Quantum Enigma”
Celebrating: Getting ready to celebrate next Monday’s special day!
Smelling: Watermelon 
Considering: Reading after I finish this
Finishing: The movie The Parent Trap
Starting: The episodes I taped of Hey Arnold last night
Thanking: God for getting out me out of the house and letting my feelings out.



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