Cat Heaven

10432955_4153805301529_2480072089075711878_nIt’s almost the end of this nice month. It’s kind of strange in way, I feel like I’ve been having some flashbacks to when I graduated high school. That whole time of waiting for the actual time of seeing my entire class in our gowns and hats, all smiles on our faces, our parents crying because their children have just graduated and they were onto their next step in life. It’s been a few years for me since that overwhelming came to visit me and left its mark. I feel like the more years go on, I don’t see much going on in my life. Which I know can be normal but when you’ve got an overactive mind like me, time just creates doubts and sadness. Yesterday, while I was at my nana’s it was an interesting day because lately I go over there working to earn money from her. I like doing stuff because it keeps me busy and something to do in the week. It’s just nice to get out of the front of my computer once in a while, you know? I had lots to talk to her about, one of the things was about my weekend and how my mind has been lately being around all of these kids. I look at these kids and see bright auras for each one, they just bring me such joy and yet I feel a bit blue when I’m away from them. So I’ve been channeling my feelings of loneliness into my music and these new kittens we have at the house. Just trying to create as much positive so the negativity doesn’t take over me.

Out family and only inside cat, Oliver has a special bond with both mom and Blondie. He’s basically mom’s cat but sleeps with Blondie. Well, he decided to come into my room the other night while I was eating dinner and there’s not very many times were he’ll just jump on my bed without any in my room first. I knew what he wanted but just thought he was lonely too. Nope, he wanted my food and as my dad went to check on me he saw him just chilling on my bed with me. Dad got mom up so she could see him and then when Blondie got home from work she had to see too. When she came in, my mom brought in her phone and took a picture of us. I looked gruesome so I ended up cropping myself out of the picture above. All I could think my mind was “Well, it’s not Oliver Sykes but I’ll deal with it.” I think he did enjoy getting his chin and the side of his head rubbed. He’s always liked me for that. After Blondie locked him in my room when I was done eating my food dad came in and took him off because he doesn’t think I should him on my bed as he likes to pull out his fur. He is a good ole kitty, he’s just some things that my dad just doesn’t like about him anymore. However, whenever dad goes to eat he has to share his food with not only ChiChi but Oliver too, or else he meows the whole time.

 As I was sitting in my new wheelchair that I’ve decided I hate now because I basically felt trapped in it and this was before my mom put the seatbelt on me. I was in the kitchen and I was leaning up against the back door, watching the three little kitties just spread out on the porch, enjoying the nice shade they had. My mom looked up at me and asked what I thought about the thing behind them. I looked at it and noticed it was a dead bird. Our stray cat Bootsie is the killing machine. We thought Oliver had a nice track record (this was before his nose stopped working!) until she started having all these babies and started bringing us dead birds as offerings. It’s the most creepiest thing ever! Well, our little half calico baby that was recently re-named Aurora by her new owners, was enjoying my bright toe nails. She kept attacking the glass of the door and it was so cute! They in the playing and jumping stages. Little Silver Moonlight literally fall off the porch as it was scratching itself and after four minutes she jumped right back up the porch. I was impressed! This was my only time I’ve been to see them lately. Blondie is the one that goes out and sees them when she gets home from work. We now think Kelso is a girl and our little gray and white the one I’ve been calling Grumpy’s twin, finally has a name! Her name is Stormy and I love it! Her owner is going to (hopefully) love her! Here are some pictures of them.






The Fairy Tale Tag

Snow White – Do you consider yourself beautiful?

We all have those good and bad days, so sometimes I can go back and forth on that part, but comparing on my younger years, I definitely like myself a lot more than I did before

Sleeping Beauty – How many hours do you sleep at night?

On my good days, probably six to eight hours of sleep. 

Cinderella – Do you have a curfew?

Well, if I actually went out I probably would but since I don’t, I don’t have one. 

Rapunzel – Do you love being outside?

I love it. Especially those cooler months where its not too hot, but yet not freezing. 

Red Riding Hood – Do you trust strangers easily?

I know I probably shouldn’t, but I do.

The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids – Are you easily fooled?

Not anymore. 🙂

Beauty and the Beast – What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?

If you can see past a person past and apperence then you’re a beautiful person inside and out. I also like a little humor too!

The Little Mermaid – What would you sacrifice for love?

I’m really weird, if somebody was to ask me to go vegan or gluten-free I would.

The Frong Prince – What do you find disgusting?

Cocky and rude people.

Jack and the Beanstalk – Do you have any plants?

No, maybe next summer.

Puss in Boots – Do you have pets?

Yes, our dog ChiChi and then our cats: Oliver, Bootsie, Tubby, Wren, Grumpy, Midget, Auruora, Stormy, Silver, and Kelso.

Bluebeard – What is your weak point?

Anything sweet and fun.

Pinocchio – What is your biggest wish?

I don’t know and I’m not kidding either. I have no idea if I could find anything to wish for now and I’m seeing the positive in that.

Peter Pan – What is your mental age?

Hehehe, it ranges from 8 to 65 years old. I have an inner child and an old soul in myself.

The Star Money – What is your most valuable possession?

My memories and family.

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary – Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?

I’m a little bit of both honestly!

The Princess and the Pea – Are you sensitive?

I can be at times.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses/The Worn-Out Dancing Shoes – Do you like parties?

Yes but I’m not a party girl.

The Emperor’s New Clothes – Do you care a lot about your clothing?

Yes, I’m a girl.

The Brave Little Tailor – Do you consider yourself brave?

At times, but not in the summertime with all these wasps around.

Currently I’m


I’m pretty bored at the moment. Everybody here is taking a nap and I’m not in a nap kind of frame right now, even though my body says it could just sleep for a few days. Apparently it hasn’t calm down yet from all the fun over the weekend. I went over to my nana’s today while my parents went on a bike ride. I got to try out my new wheelchair over at their house and it sucked. I felt trapped in it and I’m not just saying it because I had a seatbelt on either. When you’re so used to being able to reach the floor without your butt falling out of the chair or say you have the controller at your toes just ready for you to turn it, being in a chair that literally makes you feel like its swallowing you whole and feeling trapped and hopeless is pretty easy. Hopefully my dad can take our neighbor into fixing it to be a little lower and fix the cracking noise it seems to make everytime I make on the seat. There’s a lot of things that just don’t work on it well yet. So I’m doing a “currently” list as a part of my Ketchup With Us by Mel and Michele list theme.

Reading: Hot Ticket by Olivia Cunning – Chapter 27
Trying: To be as quiet as I can be while having on my music on at the same time.
Drinking: Cherry RC
Texting: Nobody at the moment.
Pinning: Other DIY stuff for shirts.
Tweeting: My friend Claire 
Doing: Trying not to fall asleep and fall head first on the floor.
Loving: The sunshine and Transformers commercials on TV. 
Hating: My new regular wheelchair.
Discovering: New songs.
Enjoying: My beautiful Wednesday
Thinking: Oh, you don’t want to even know!
Feeling: Discouraged
Hoping: That what I want to do to a few of my shirts come out okay.
Listening: Epica’s “The Quantum Enigma”
Celebrating: Getting ready to celebrate next Monday’s special day!
Smelling: Watermelon 
Considering: Reading after I finish this
Finishing: The movie The Parent Trap
Starting: The episodes I taped of Hey Arnold last night
Thanking: God for getting out me out of the house and letting my feelings out.