Tune Tuesday: China


It’s another week of our awesome music travels. Is everybody having fun traveling all around the world listening and finding different music? Granted, the majority of the music I’ve talked about you probably already listen to but in case some of you don’t listen to the past artists/bands I’ve selected in the earlier posts, you’re missing out! No big deal though! This week we head to China. A place where I long to travel just to see the Great Wall of China in person, plus all of the beautiful lanterns hanging from different places. This artist that I have decided to talk about only has three singles out. Two are in English and the other is in Chinese of course. Her background is pretty interesting. This artist was originally born in the states, but at the age of 15 she moved to China to become a pop star. You might actually know her if you watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and no I am not kidding! The singer I am talking about is Chloe Bennet who played the character “Skye,” but over in China she went by the name Chloe Wang. I watched the PaleyFest on YouTube in clips and heard this and after a couple of months I finally went to look up the songs and I’m not going to lie, she’s pretty good! I literally downloaded her single “Uh Oh” onto my iPod and I sing it out loud everytime it plays.

Do you know any artists/bands from China that I should check out? You know I love listening to new tunes so send them my way. What are your thoughts of Chloe’s songs? Oh, by the way what are you listening to at this very second? See you back here for next week. Do you want a hint of what’s coming up? Well, we move onto another letter that’s for sure.

Uh Oh by Chloe Wang

Uh Oh (Chinese Version) by Chloe Wang

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