Meet Thom Carlile (How Old Am I Again?)


It’s not everyday that your mom texts you while she’s at work asking you to pick an animal. When I got this message it was like three hours pasted the time she sent it originally. The text had probably animals on it. Cow, Turtle, Owl, and I think an Elephant but I could be wrong. I thought she was in the middle of playing a game and that’s why she needed my help with choosing an animals. Trust me, this has happened before and she ended up winning that game too! Well, when she got hone that night I totally spaced out about it and I never really heard back about it. The animal I choose was a turtle because my dad had this HUGE one in his bucket from a neighbor and she laid like four or five eggs in there. Dad thought it was hilarious that the one time he gets a turtle, its laying eggs! Well, she just brought this smelly stuffed animal into my room. I am such a kid inside when it comes to both Disney movies and stuffed animals! I have a whole three-story bookshelf full of stuffed animals that you’re going to take when I’m out-of-town before I let you take any of them. I’m that bad!

Well, when my mom brought him in here I forgot to have her take a picture of him for me. So I put my blanket on the floor to get a really good picture of him. Do or did you ever look at one of your stuffed animals and immediately found a name for it? Sometimes it happens for me, but rarely anymore. The more I look at him I see a “Thom” and of course, I gotta add the “h” because a name is never complete without that random “h” in the middle of a name. Before I had officially decided though, I was going through different names online while I was in the middle of editing the picture I took of him. Some of the names I liked were four letters names and I ended up giving him two names by adding the name “Carlile” at last-minute. All of our new kittens have names and our only boy has a sucky name so I have the full reign of what to call my turtle and this was the ending result, but here are the names I was thinking about using though! He’s one of those Scentsy animals and he’s so cute! I’m torn between thinking the scent he’s got is either watermelon and/or pink lemonade. Whatever it is, I’m craving both watermelon bubblegum and strawberry lemonade right now.


My mom actually hates his name, like at all. If I hadn’t put the name “Thom” on there, there was a pretty good three-way tie between “Coen,” “Otto,” and “Hugo” too. I like weird names and I think I need more stuffed animals so I can actually use these names. Now I’m starting to sound like an idiot. Ignore me at the moment. Oh, and if anybody is wondering. Everytime Bootsie has kittens I have serious urges to name one after one of my favorite singers at that moment and luckily this time I got to name one Silver Moonlight but that is a song by Within Temptation. I’ve named three separate kittens after three members of Five Finger Death Punch. Does anybody want to guess where I got the idea to add “Carlile” yet? There’s a guy in the band Of Mice & Men and he’s the screamer but he’s got me wrapped around his finger but then again he’s not the only one in the band that does. If I change anything it definitely won’t be the second name that’s for sure! 


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