Meet Thom Carlile (How Old Am I Again?)


It’s not everyday that your mom texts you while she’s at work asking you to pick an animal. When I got this message it was like three hours pasted the time she sent it originally. The text had probably animals on it. Cow, Turtle, Owl, and I think an Elephant but I could be wrong. I thought she was in the middle of playing a game and that’s why she needed my help with choosing an animals. Trust me, this has happened before and she ended up winning that game too! Well, when she got hone that night I totally spaced out about it and I never really heard back about it. The animal I choose was a turtle because my dad had this HUGE one in his bucket from a neighbor and she laid like four or five eggs in there. Dad thought it was hilarious that the one time he gets a turtle, its laying eggs! Well, she just brought this smelly stuffed animal into my room. I am such a kid inside when it comes to both Disney movies and stuffed animals! I have a whole three-story bookshelf full of stuffed animals that you’re going to take when I’m out-of-town before I let you take any of them. I’m that bad!

Well, when my mom brought him in here I forgot to have her take a picture of him for me. So I put my blanket on the floor to get a really good picture of him. Do or did you ever look at one of your stuffed animals and immediately found a name for it? Sometimes it happens for me, but rarely anymore. The more I look at him I see a “Thom” and of course, I gotta add the “h” because a name is never complete without that random “h” in the middle of a name. Before I had officially decided though, I was going through different names online while I was in the middle of editing the picture I took of him. Some of the names I liked were four letters names and I ended up giving him two names by adding the name “Carlile” at last-minute. All of our new kittens have names and our only boy has a sucky name so I have the full reign of what to call my turtle and this was the ending result, but here are the names I was thinking about using though! He’s one of those Scentsy animals and he’s so cute! I’m torn between thinking the scent he’s got is either watermelon and/or pink lemonade. Whatever it is, I’m craving both watermelon bubblegum and strawberry lemonade right now.


My mom actually hates his name, like at all. If I hadn’t put the name “Thom” on there, there was a pretty good three-way tie between “Coen,” “Otto,” and “Hugo” too. I like weird names and I think I need more stuffed animals so I can actually use these names. Now I’m starting to sound like an idiot. Ignore me at the moment. Oh, and if anybody is wondering. Everytime Bootsie has kittens I have serious urges to name one after one of my favorite singers at that moment and luckily this time I got to name one Silver Moonlight but that is a song by Within Temptation. I’ve named three separate kittens after three members of Five Finger Death Punch. Does anybody want to guess where I got the idea to add “Carlile” yet? There’s a guy in the band Of Mice & Men and he’s the screamer but he’s got me wrapped around his finger but then again he’s not the only one in the band that does. If I change anything it definitely won’t be the second name that’s for sure! 

What I Like To Watch


Since this the last full week of June. I thought I’d do like a few days of lists for the ladies of Ketchup With Us. I think I did better than I thought I would. Even though I only did like ten of these types of posts, I still did better than the two days I only thought I would do. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you know that I am in complete love with my DVR. I did not think I would really love the whole rewinding, pauseing, and skipping the commercials buttons but I really have! I’ve had a lot of things still stored onto my side of the DVR. If you were to look on my parents and then look on mine, you’d be laughing your ass off! They have a buttload of scary movies mixed in with my dad’s Bizarre Foods and biker/gang shows. My mom has to tape her favorite shows like Roseanne, Everybody Loves Raymond, and her newly favorite The Good Wife. I’ve got my fair share of TV shows but not as many as both of them combined. Movies are what I have my DVR. I have to be really bored to watch several of them, but the rest I can watch all the time. So I’m making a list of my movies and TV shows that I have on my DVR right now. I will be a sad person if my parents change over to another company.

  1. Mad About You

  2. Unique Sweets 

  3. Hey Arnold 

  4. Mysteries At The Museum 

  5. Star Trek Into Darkness

  6. Madeline

  7. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

  8. Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  9. National Treasure

  10. Avatar

  11. X-Men 2

  12. Captain America: The First Avenger

  13. Alice In Wonderland

  14. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2

  15. Halloweentown

  16. Halloweentown High

  17. Grease

  18. Van Heising

  19. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

  20. The Avengers

  21. Brave

  22. Underworld Awakening

  23. The Lion King

  24. Cinderella

  25. Beastly

  26. Casper

  27. Happy Feet Two

  28. Marie Anionette

  29. The Parent Trap

  30. Flubber

  31. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

  32. Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity

  33. Blue Collar Comedy Tour 

  34. Christina Aguilera: Back To Basics Down Under Tour

  35. Papa Roach At Club Nokia

  36. Train Live In Chicago

  37. Motley Crue: Carnival Of Sins

Tune Tuesday: China


It’s another week of our awesome music travels. Is everybody having fun traveling all around the world listening and finding different music? Granted, the majority of the music I’ve talked about you probably already listen to but in case some of you don’t listen to the past artists/bands I’ve selected in the earlier posts, you’re missing out! No big deal though! This week we head to China. A place where I long to travel just to see the Great Wall of China in person, plus all of the beautiful lanterns hanging from different places. This artist that I have decided to talk about only has three singles out. Two are in English and the other is in Chinese of course. Her background is pretty interesting. This artist was originally born in the states, but at the age of 15 she moved to China to become a pop star. You might actually know her if you watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and no I am not kidding! The singer I am talking about is Chloe Bennet who played the character “Skye,” but over in China she went by the name Chloe Wang. I watched the PaleyFest on YouTube in clips and heard this and after a couple of months I finally went to look up the songs and I’m not going to lie, she’s pretty good! I literally downloaded her single “Uh Oh” onto my iPod and I sing it out loud everytime it plays.

Do you know any artists/bands from China that I should check out? You know I love listening to new tunes so send them my way. What are your thoughts of Chloe’s songs? Oh, by the way what are you listening to at this very second? See you back here for next week. Do you want a hint of what’s coming up? Well, we move onto another letter that’s for sure.

Uh Oh by Chloe Wang

Uh Oh (Chinese Version) by Chloe Wang