Two Weeks Until Arthrogryposis Awareness Day!


Yesterday as my time with three little kids came to an end, my sister sat in the backseat making conversation about how good the kids were to me. Because as everybody in my family would know, kids are very different adults. They don’t have filters and see things in different lights than us. Blondie had said that she was surprised of how well they treated me and how little Katie just wanted to be around me and help out as much as she could. Katie’s got a bit of her mom in her as Kristen is a CNA. So she’s got that wanting to help already inside her. She wanted to take pictures with my phone, she wanted to paint my nails, she wanted to do my arts and crafts that I attempted to do with both kids. She was just willing to do everything for me, she even feed me waffles yesterday morning. It was nice but I felt like I was turning her into my sister. You see, our roles have switched she has times were she’s had to become the older sister and protect me. I feel like she grew up too fast having to do all sorts of things for me. Seeing it happen again with Katie, makes me feel all weird like she just wanted to help me out. Help everybody out in a way. Maybe that’s what Blondie was doing years ago too and I’m just now seeing it.

At the beginning of this month I had made this sign, kind of like the one above for a blog post for a Ketchup With Us. It was a list of things about my disease that I have. The reason why I’ve been trying to create so much noise for it is because last year was my first time ever knowing that there was an awareness day and I didn’t do much to spread the word and I’m pretty sure I didn’t wear blue that day either. I wanted this year to be different, so I’m basically telling my inner self to shut up and spread as much as I can. I’m always supporting a person and I don’t always want anything back because I don’t want to be rude. I would love for everybody to help support the awareness of Arthrogryposis with my family and I. Kristen has already told that everybody will be wearing blue on next Monday and that’s makes me happy! I’ve been posting messages on my Facebook to help remind my family and friends, but now I’ll be posting on here since we’re two weeks until the actual day.

Here are some guidelines for you:

If you wear blue (and jeans count) then you can send the picture of yourself to either 

My Facebook page: Got Meghan’s Blog


Twitter: @gotmeghan

PS: If you would like me to not post the entire picture on my blog because I’m planning on doing a blog post of my day that night. I will crop your face and your children’s faces. I’ll post them with an initial or nickname if you don’t want your first name on the picture as well! I understand privacy is very important and I will understand if you’d like for me to do this. I don’t post any names pictures if I don’t have permission and I usually try to make sure that I don’t get their faces either. It’s just a rule that I’ve come to adopt recently.