The “You Pick, I Pick” Song List

I had to separate this post from the other one I posted earlier this afternoon. I forgot to go over what happened last night. More importantly why I only got three or four hours of sleep. Well, when my mom told me that I was going over, Casey, Kristen’s husband had joked to my mom that he was going to keep me up all night playing video games. I have been worried about if I’d really stay up playing or not. Thankfully, the only person who played video games all night was Kristen’s brother. Casey was nice enough to stay down in the living room in case if I was to fall off the couch I wouldn’t be alone. Casey had told me a couple of times before everybody went to bed, that he usually doesn’t go to bed until like three or four at the latest.  I said that was okay, I’m usually a heavy sleeper anyways. I knew the light of the TV wouldn’t bug me either because I’m a wuss and I keep my TV on at night. We all have our flaws, so hush! When everybody left, we stayed downstairs and listened to music for probably two to three hours. We played a game of “you pick, I pick.” There are not very many guys that have actually stayed up in the middle of the night and talk about music with me. I applaud him for getting through my stumblings.

Luckily, Casey and I listen to the same music. I was worried that he listened to what Blondie does and I’d regret not bringing my iPod and headphones. Yes, I left them at home! I’m even proud of myself! Since we both like the same stuff practically, some bands we heard twice because he liked them too. Sometimes he went outside to go smoke, so I had a second song in my picks. When I got up this morning I had thoughts of sour gummy worms and Soundgarden. I thought that I’d include a list for Mel and Michele of Ketchup With Us June theme of making a list post for thirty days. If you don’t like heavy metal, this is not the list for you! For those who do enjoy metal, can we be friends?  I’m pretty sure I’m quite a bit of songs but I can’t think of what they were at the moment, but leave to me to remember what I picked. We also played another game of three bands we would listen for the rest of our lives. He picked Tool, Soundgarden, and it was either Black Sabbath or Metallica. My picks were Within Temptation, Of Mice & Men, and Linkin Park.

  1. Blow Up the Outside World – Chris & Ben (acoustic)
  2. You’re Not Alone – Of Mice & Men
  3. Dig – Mudvayne
  4. Fake It – Seether
  5. Careless Whisper – Seether
  6. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
  7. So Cold – Breaking Benjamin
  8. Polyamorous – Breaking Benjamin
  9. Let Live – Of Mice & Men
  10. Hear Me Now – Hollywood Undead
  11. Dangerous – Within Temptation feat. Howard Jones
  12. Enter My Mind – Drain STH
  13. Blood – In This Moment
  14. Shadow Moses – Bring Me The Horizon


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