Blogs That I Love #8


Is it Friday already? Jeez! I swear I just did this! How was everybody’s week? Hope it was good for you. I wanted to do the same theme I did last week. Only include blogs that have been introduced to me recently. There are a couple of bloggers that I’ve been following for a while but just now getting into their posts heavily. So to me, those count too! Like I always say on these posts, if you don’t already follow these blogs be sure to do so!

  1. Each Mood I Have – I think I am obsessed with blogs that are in different languages. So far I have two that are in two different languages. Elsa Pataky does hers in Spanish and Sandy does hers in French. I’m thanking God for Google translate. I found Sandy’s blog either on Facebook or on Twitter. Not very many times you find a blog on Facebook, but since I do belong to two blog groups it’s not that impossible anymore. Sandy is a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and she’s a proud geek! She’s very sweet and I’m not going to lie, I’m learning some French words here and there.
  2. Cocktails In Teacups – Okay, just the blog name alone is freaking unique! Amy is a single “mum” of a little girl. She blogs about everything, books, beauty, fashion, and parenting. She got her blog name of combining her old life in with her new one. She’s learning from her mistakes and making the best of her life and her daughter’s. I like the simplicity of her blog but also how much class she’s got as well! The women’s even got her own index!
  3. Absolutely Lucy – Lucy is a blogger that I’ve recently found late last week. She is so sweet and we actually had a very fun conversation of food and what kind of crazy food we have tried before. She’s far more experienced in that part than I am, but she does have one thing she needs to try to that is frog legs. Trust me, if you haven’t had them either, you need to! They’re better than how they sound! She runs her lifestyle blog and does posts for two other websites.
  4. Shaheen’s World – Shaheen is a very interesting person–but then again I think that way about everybody I meet. Shaheen is a beautiful young women that lives in the UK, she is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She talks about everything that a normal girl would talk about, there’s one thing that makes her stand out from the rest that I have found special about her and why I continue to go back to her blog. I don’t really read very many beauty blogs but I love reading her posts because she talks about wearing a hijab and dressing modest. I find people of different cultures is very cool and I tend to want to learn about it. So that’s why I read her blog because it gives you everything that you would normally read but has a special edge to it too!
  5. Simply, Asha – Asha is a sweet blogger who talks about life, healthy living, books and traveling. Her blog looks professional and she is really sweet! Even though I’ve just been checking out her blog, I think she could become one of my favorite bloggers. I love reading her travel posts, especially about the one where she went to the Field Museum in Chicago, because I had literally watching a show called Mysteries At The Museum and they were talking about a set of famous lions there and then the next day I read her post and one of the pictures she had been of the lions. It kind of stumped me but in a good way because you its fate!