A New DIY Project | Part 1


My nana is obsessed with the beach. Pretty much anything that has to deal with sand, palm trees, and seashells. She’ll love you til kingdom come if you are even a little addicted to it too. Growing up, she had all of these little lighthouse knick knacks around the house. She’s always had some sort of beach like, sunny atmosphere in that house. Over the years I think the love of the warm weather and beautiful scenery kind of grew even bigger than it originally was, I mean the midwest doesn’t have the (usually) hot summers of 100 degrees or so and all we have are cornfields and normal oak trees growing everywhere. Nothing really unusually here and I think she has always brought her memories into everything she does. If you were to go into the bathroom you’d seriously think you were at a hotel on the West Coast because it is literally covered with palm trees and seashells. Now she’s got this little project that we worked on yesterday. I’m still a little confused on where it’ll be placed but it seems to fit in the theme perfectly and it also lets me bring out my creative/artistic side to the project as well.

Yesterday we did this thing of getting different sizes and shapes of seashells she’s had for years at a time. We’re gluing them onto this plastic board or whatever. It’s definitely plastic and thank god because of all that happened between the both of our wheelchairs, boxes, and my papaw getting up and down from his chair about five times we were surprised nothing broke on it. I started with the three big shells you see on the picture above, I thought it was best to get an idea of how everything would look like before we even glued anything on. The three big ones there were already glued to their place but those smaller ones were never glued on in that same place. I even had to move the board forward so you could actually see the seashells instead of the boxes we places underneath so it wouldn’t be that difficult for me to place them on the board. I’m glad to say we only dropped one on the floor and nana burned only burned her fingers twice. Two factors that can be pretty tricky when you do big projects like these are nothing is made for ones who have troubles with their fingers and use their toes to hold on to something. We found a though and I think how they look now is pretty cool! The next I go over there we’re going to be adding flowers and some old sand too. So stay tuned for the second installment of this post!

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