Bonding Time

It’s been a very fun last few days, I actually got to hang out with my family and some friends. My sister proved herself twice this weekend. It mostly started on Friday morning. I have had a rough week gaining back my sleep schedule again. She got me up at like 10:30am and I hadn’t gotten up like that for a while. Our aunt and uncle came down for two days and since mom had to work, Blondie took me over to my nana’s house to visit while she was at work too. She got me dressed and put my hair up in a ponytail for me. It was very different to have her do that kind of stuff on her own, because she doesn’t usually do it. It’s not because we don’t allow her, she’s just very timid and she thinks she’ll hurt me but she won’t. I went over and when we came back home, she went to push my wheelchair back into the living room from my room. Not kidding, she did everything right but it didn’t stop her from running into the both halls and Oliver’s litter box. It was most funniest thing I had seen all day! I tried telling her to use the bathroom to turn it around but nobody wants to go the easy way.

Later on that night, my parents went out with our neighbors to a little restaurant and bar, I don’t know what it really is honestly! I kept my eyes on the clock and when it was like 11:30pm I was like “ok, I’m ready for bed.” I had the poor thing take me to the bathroom. We got our handy-dandy commode early last year, it was my mom’s idea and at first I hated it, but now I actually love it because it’s so much easier than the old way. Well, mom is the only one who will use it. Dad and Blondie have to be stubborn and go the old way, for my sister to be kind of small arm wise. Don’t get me wrong, she’s strong! She lifts weights for fun! So I’m basically a piece of cake for her but I was very uneasy about her carrying me from my room to the bathroom with nobody to help her, but I was impressed again and she did a really good job. I was pretty proud of her! Today she asked me if I wanted to help her decorate her door. When she was younger, she had her entire room decorated, had pictures up of her and friends and family. She even had hot pink polka dots and streamers hanging down from the ceiling. She wanted to make over her the back of her door. She has an obsession with quotes and lyrics. I went into her room and we literally covered that sucker up!

This was during one of our breaks, I did about 18 quotes/lyrics and she did the rest.
This was during one of our breaks, I did about 18 quotes/lyrics and she did the rest.
This was the finished project. I'm pretty proud of ourselves, now we just gotta do my door. I need to create some room first!
This was the finished project. I’m pretty proud of ourselves, now we just gotta do my door. I need to create some room first!

Yesterday and today, we basically hung out with our neighbors. I love kids very much and our neighbor has a young one named Chevy, she is in that stage where likes to climb almost everything. Well, she finally figured out how to climb up to the seat of my wheelchair. Now if she could only figure out how to hold on to the sides to turn around to sit on my actual legs by herself she’d be fine. Somebody actually has to lift her up to my lap. I have always wanted to hold a baby before in my arms. It’s something that I may or may not be able to experience one day because of how my arms are anyways. Well, last summer my dad found a way where she could sit on my lap and ride around too. He just attached his belt around us because my seatbelt could barely fit the both of us. She loved it! Now she’s not that small but still pretty fragile, I’m pretty protective over her. I’m always up to help her and she’s starting to realize that I do things with my feet and she hands me things to my feet. it’s so sweet when she does it on the first try. She loves to just sit on my lap. She moves her head to the sides to tease me. Today, while we went on a walk she walk besides me and held on to part of my armrest. I did my best to slow down, I was already slow to begin with because I was running out of juice in my battery.

Now I’m at home hurting in different parts of my body, mainly my neck right now. Earlier while I was writing different quotes, I realized I hadn’t really written anything out in like a year. I never have to write out anymore. It’s kind of sad really, but good news is my foot writing isn’t as bad as I feared. I still can’t write straight across on unlined paper. It was a bit difficult to find the right kind of markers to use when my sister picked out neon colored sheets of paper. I literally had trouble seeing after staring into the orange and pink. While we were working, my dad was out visiting outside and my mom saw all of our new kittens on the back porch and brought them inside and put them in my sister’s bed. I think enjoyed themselves, but Silver and the little gray and white still have stuff in their eyes. So mom and Blondie had to wipe them a couple of times but they moved all over the place. They didn’t know what to think of the music we were listening to though. I think I spent a whole hour in there with her listening to a mixture of pop/country/rap music. I was proud though she does like one Five Finger Death Punch song and she did hum and sing along to it so I was happy! After we were done though I had never been so happy to listen to metal music. It was fun though! Oh, and my friend Sammy got ice cream from the ice cream truck and brought me one. Now I’ll be surprised if it’s still there tomorrow afternoon.

I hope everybody has enjoyed their Sunday and hope all of the father’s out there enjoyed their father’s day. Tomorrow starts another week, but that’s okay though! You’ll get through! Keep positive thoughts in my mind and you’ll be fine! Good night and sweet dreams.