Mood Swings

10389519_734719276592405_376637255461759790_nThis past Tuesday was pretty rough for me, all it did was rain. And if it didn’t rain it was definitely in the air, my parents had to go somewhere so I went to my nana’s, which is usually a good thing but Tuesday by the end of the last two hours I thought my head was going to explode. This picture represents why it was like that. Too many unused envelopes, unused cards, and I was in the middle of organizing them together and finding stickers for a little activity I want to do with the some kiddos next weekend, more about that later. The day actually started off fine and dandy, it was after a couple of hours there did my patience with the papers start to drive my nerves insane! I even had my cookie dough ice cream and I still felt like my head was going to explode!

My nana is like my mom and I, she doesn’t like to throw anything away. Because of this and the fact that she’s got her computer too. She no longer writes to anybody. She’s got tons (and I mean tons!) of different cards for any occasion, cute little ones that could be good in the spring and summer, plus baby showers and birthdays! Then she moves over this large and heavy bag full of Christmas stuff. Anything that was Christmas related was thrown in there. She had a bunch of these plain but itty bitty cards that I just couldn’t put in the box with the others, so I think I stuffed a few into my envelope that I took home.  There were a few things she kept out, the bigger envelopes she kept out just in case. The rest went inside this medium size box. While I was trying to put everything in there, I was getting hot as there’s no air circulating through that area of the house, my nana was on her computer and here I was organizing her stuff like I had remembered my teachers stack them up in neat little piles but once I started putting them in the box and it started overflow did all of my patience just boil over. I literally had to leave the room because I thought I was going to overheat both physically and mentally. I even watched a little bit of a movie that my papaw was watching in the kitchen that had July Garland in it. I found out later that it was her birthday!

Once I was cooled down, I went back into the office, still unsure to do about the box and everything because right before I left the room I literally took everything out of the box and moved them sideways so I could (hopefully) get everything adjusted to were they wouldn’t fight me and to where we could tape it up if we had to. Everything was starting to do better, I had to change my outlook on the situation and went on to finish this because there was no way in hell I was doing this again for the second day! After I finished, I had my nana cut some of her stickers thingys she gets in the mail. Of course, the lighthouses stayed with her but everything else went with me. It’s actually kind of funny in a way, when I first got there I was worried that I wouldn’t have a lot of girly stickers but I ended up having a LOT more girly stickers than boyish ones. I’m hoping little Aiden doesn’t hate me for it. I’ve got some animal and trees stickers. Maybe with that $10 that my nana bet with me I can have my mom go somewhere and get me boy stickers so I don’t get into trouble! Oh yeah, my nana had this little bell like noise coming from her wheelchair everytime she went forward. I was getting annoyed with it so I started looking for it and then she got herself in trouble. She literally said to me, “if you can find it, I’ll give you $10” I found it in five seconds. It was a zipper for her cushion that was getting caught along her wheel. I had to find a way to put inside the sponge part, but she ended up switching the entire thing around because I couldn’t get it to work.

Skip to the next day Wednesday. It was such a boring day. One of my sister’s friends had tweeted the other day that we’ll never get any sun this summer. After days of rain and storms, we’re a little on edge because we haven’t had much sun. Hearing the sound of rain outside of your room can be a soothing thing to some, but for me it just makes me want to go to the bathroom. All I did was lay around, watch TV, and listen to music. It’s an everyday thing but still. The only good thing that happened was that right before the sun went down, my mom allowed me to go out on the back porch to see the new babies and the older ones too! When I got out there all I saw by the edge of the ramp were four little babies peaking their heads out. We think the little fluff ball, which we found out is a boy! When mom and Blondie first found them, we weren’t sure whose kittens they were because not only was Bootsie pregnant but so was Wren too. We think the fluff ball is from Bootsie’s litter and the other three are from Wren’s litter, but we also think Bootsie took them away from them too. She doesn’t exactly know what to think about them, like Midget and Grumpy. They’re adjusting too. Two of the babies have some kind of eye infection. Our little gray and white (who looks like Grumpy) has his right eye completely shut. We lost two babies from the last litter from eye infections too. My little Silver Moonlight also has it too, so I hate to say this but I’m trying to wean myself off that one in case it ends up dying.


(L to R) Kells, Belle, Grumpy, Silver, Wren, Bootsie, and Midget
(L to R) Kells, Belle, Grumpy, Silver, Wren, Bootsie, and Midget


Lessons Learned From Your Childhood

lessonsI have been missing my old childhood shows so much that I have been actually taping them at night so I could have something to watch the next day. Well, as a kid I was into you know the usual old Nickelodeon shows from the 90’s. Two shows that had an effect on me as kid are coming back with full vengeance and either I didn’t really listen back then, or I really need my sleep back. Whatever reason, I’m noticing real life lessons out of both Arnold and Tommy’s mouths. If you were a kid (or a parent) in the early 90’s you got a majority of your lessons and adventures out of Tommy Pickles. Now that I’m older and I’m still watching it and realizing what all has happened has kind of being an episode of both shows at one point or another. We’ve all been bossy like Angelica and Helga. We’ve all had that a really good advice giver, sometimes its yourself, but that’s okay. These are just some of the things we’ve all had to deal with at some point in our lives.

Something that I found to be pretty interesting that reminded me of what happened while I was in middle school. I won’t say I was basically bullied in elementary school, because I don’t categorize that way, it wasn’t as bad as what it could be now I guess. We had some trouble with one of my classmates when I first entered second grade, she and I just did not get along very well and I tried my best to be nice to her but nothing ever made things good enough to make us good friends. I remember that first day of hearing our teacher’s rules and stuff, there were a few people I didn’t know but they were on the other side of the room and she was on my side, like literally right by me on my left side. I tried to introduce myself to her and she stuck her tongue out to me. Back then, I was very sensitive and nobody has ever done that to me before so when I went home that afternoon I told my mom and I think she or somebody said that they were going to talk to the teacher or something, but I don’t feel like it was bullying now. In middle school, I wasn’t the one bullied. I was the bullier instead. From the time I was in elementary and middle school, we did not have programs (that I remember) that talked about bullying like they probably do now. I was never told by anybody that bullying was bad. You watched tonight at night and both Hey, Arnold! and Rugrats were on and you had Angelica, Harold, and Helga the main bullies in those shows. They were the ones who made bullying “cool” for us and that’s why everybody did it.

Two nights ago, I was in the middle of a mid-week sleep pattern mix up, I was watching the episode of Hey, Arnold where the character Curly, the dude who had those red glasses but no curly hair at all. He was looking forward to the new week because there teacher was choosing the new ball monitor. He did everything he was supposed to and when the time came to hear the news that he didn’t get it, he didn’t take it quite well. He locked himself in the principal’s office with the whole bag of balls, and there was a little window above the door and he began to throw the balls out through the door to make sure everybody stayed back. He wouldn’t talk to anybody, but by the end of the episode he has Arnold bring him a sandwich and a yahoo, plus the teacher and new ball monitor to work out their schedules so he could calm down. He comes out of the office with a new outlook of his young life but the principal still puts him in detention. Nowadays, we have kids bringing in guns and knives into their classes. This incident isn’t as bad as what you hear almost everyday on the news. Throughout the whole episode I was thinking in the back of my mind, how did things go from something like this to the non-stop violence we see now? What the hell did we miss in between? Unfortunately, it’s always been like this, we just think it’s because of the times. It’s not. It’s always been like this, and it’ll never leave because sometimes actions backfire.

Tommy was that best friend that for some of us, took us forever to find in reality. We all wanted that best friend who cared deeply about you,  faced your fears with you and pushed you as hard as anybody else would. Even though you all wanted a friend like Tommy, you always knew in your mind that it meant that you were Chuckie and it broke your heart right in half. Nothing against Mr. Finister or anything, but at the end of the day he was the one character that irritated the living crap out of you. We are in a way  all like Chuckie Finister. We all have our different fears, we need to be pushed to do anything daring, and we always have somebody who cares deeply about us. In more ways than one, we were both characters. Helga and her sister Olga had that love/hate relationship that every sibling has with his or her older/younger sibling. When my sister and I were kids, I came home from spending time with my cousin and her little brother, they were pretty brutal to one another I’ve got to say, but something in me switched from this loving older sister to this mean bitch in under a half an hour. It was not a good day for her and I still feel about it. I was watching the episode were Olga comes home to her parents from college telling them that she has met this boy and they were going to get married. This “Doug” character was a total loser and con-artist. He lied about who he was to everybody. This guy was catfishing everybody. Sometimes you don’t need the internet to lie to people, now we’re just used to seeing people being catfished on the internet that we forget we could easily be pulled in by the first stranger we meet everyday.

Are there any shows that you used to watch as a kid that you like to watch now as a guilty pleasure and see the life lessons that you might’ve missed as a kid but now see the signs loud and clear? Tell me about it.