Tune Tuesday: Australia!


It’s the third week for the Tune Tuesday Music Travel and this time we’re going down under!! Yup, time for Australia. I feel like Australia is growing a pretty good music scene there. It’s not just the hot actors coming out of the sun, it’s the singers and pure metal heads too! Australia’s got a pretty big music festival called Soundwave in Brisbane (I think) and all kinds of bands go to play there. They just had the festival a couple of months ago, Five Finger Death Punch and Of Mice & Men went there to play. Last year I was listening to one of my favorite radio stations and they have a segment where they music from different places all over the world. The band was called The Amity Affliction. The song was called “Open Letter” and from the first listen I seriously hooked. I think a few weeks later I ended up buying it on iTunes. They are about to release their new album, “Let The Ocean Take Me” and I am excited! I love both of their new singles! Their new album comes this week so go get TODAY!!!

I know that I talk about rock and metal music a lot, but I’ve got enough for other genres too. Pop music was my first love in a sense and so anytime I hear a good pop song on the radio there’s a big chance I’ll end up liking it too. Cody Simpson has been out and about for a while. I just heard about him this year though as he was on Dancing With The Stars this past season and paired up with new pro dancer Witney Carson. I liked whenever they danced, he always tried to bring a bit of himself in all of his dances. It kept him apart from the rest and that was a good thing. He got to use one of his songs for the dance number they did in the season. They actually used it twice as he ended up performing the song live on the finale episode. It’s a catchy song but I mostly like for the beat. It’s usually never about the words anymore for these pop singers. All about the beat for me and like for you, it’s uptempo! Do you listen to any bands or singers from Australia? I’m always looking for new music so share with me! Oh and what are you listening to?

Open Letter by The Amity Affliction

Pittsburgh by The Amity Affliction

Surfboard by Cody Simpson