Roll With Me: One

10443843_10152846309109989_500281358_nIt has been a long freaking day. I mean that in a good way though, even if I had some flashbacks to last Christmas because I was around quite a lot of people.  My parents, Blondie and I went to one of our friend’s birthday party for their little girl. She turned one this week so they celebrated it today at in the park we have in town. I have actually been looking forward to this party for about a month or two, because it’s actually a first for me! I’ve only been to baby showers, usually life takes me on separate paths that lead me to never seeing kids grow up. Now thanks to technology and Facebook, I can see them celebrate their birthdays with friends and family. It was a bit weird to actually go to one and be around a lot of people who I was not familiar with, but on the good side I didn’t feel like a burden throughout the whole afternoon!

The party originally started at four in the afternoon, but my mom wanted to get there an hour earlier to help them out a bit. My dad was there to visit and grill out. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, and baked beans on the grill. Before everything was to happen though, my mom fed me lunch because she had gotten up kind of late in the day. Once I was done with my food and two mini smoothies, I was waiting for my mom to come in and grab my plate and move my table over to the side. Well, first she had to bring in this cute little gray kitten. Last night, right after my mom and sister got home from work, they found Bootsie/Wren’s kittens. We don’t know which ones were from either cat. They found two at first, a calico kitty that only had these markings on its face and tail. Other than that, it was all white. The other one was like Grumpy and my ole buddy Ivan, my mom said “I’m seeing a trend here!” We don’t know what the sex of either one at the moment.

When my mom came in with the little gray one, she brought her into my room. This one we know is a girl. I was so hooked to her, she’s our little explorer because she wanted to do was move around all over my bed. I’ve named her Silver, because calling her “Gray” would remind me of Christian Grey too much. We found out that she’s our special kitty, her two front paws have an extra claw. So she has six little toes or whatever. Plus, she’s got this cute little outline of an “M” right above her nose. So after noticing that I decided to add “Moonlight” onto her name. She is named after one of my favorite songs by Within Temptation, “Silver Moonlight.” Next mom found the last one (so far!) and this one is fluffy. Like, really fluffy! We know this one is also a girl too, mom is in love with this cat. She likes to sleep in darkness. She liked to go underneath my blanket and then at the last of the visit she found her way inside of my pillow case. I had remind myself four times not to lie down. My mom wanted to name her something with “Princess” she wanted to go all Star Wars on me and call her “Princess Leila.” I said no. We agreed on “Belle” but once Blondie got home for work, she ended up changing it to “Kells” after her new favorite rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. We both had music on our brains, hopefully this time these names stick!

When we arrived at the party, people were just starting to get there and majority of the people who have been there for an hour was decorating the place up. Compared to both mine and Blondie graduation parties, this party was more decorated! I knew there were going to be little kids there, but I didn’t think I’d actually get overwhelmed by them. Everybody around me was having beers and here I was, miserable with a headache wanting to try my first beer! I didn’t though, my mom had gotten me a Code Red Mountain Dew before we left and that was my way of getting through. It wasn’t THAT bad! The kids were doing what kids do. They’re suppose to go a little wild while they’re around each other, but when it was lunch time or dinner time, whatever you want to call it. Everything started spinning in my head in a very fast pace! It literally made me think about not wanting to kids when I got married. When I got around little Maci (the birthday girl) those thoughts went away. She didn’t like the fact there were a bunch of bugs at her face but she did like everybody around her. In the middle of the party, just before my sis left to go back to work. She got to hold Maci and she kept wanting to try to pick Blondie’s tattoo off on her collarbone. Maci is just starting to stand up on her own and she was up against my controller and right foot. She had her left hand fully attached to my right foot for support. She looked like she was so happy standing up, trying to figure out the buttons of my controller. Don’t worry I had full control of the stick and made sure she didn’t go to grab it.

When it was time for presents and cake, everybody was starting to overheat and Maci was very tired. She was very alert during the whole time it was time to unwrap the presents. She got a lot of normal things for a one year old, clothes, stuffed animals, and a bunch of Minnie Mouse things! One thing that was kind of funny was that a present was actually repeated. I was actually stunned because I don’t think I’ve ever since that happen before. It was cute but funny too! When it was time for cake though, Maci wasn’t the normal one year old. She was very much wore the heck out by the time we got to the cake and she never got down into the actual cake part. She just had pure pink icing all over her face, hands, and most of her high chair! While she was getting washed off, I got to do something that was pretty adorable because I hadn’t done it before. One of the girls that my mom and Kristen work with brought all three of her boys with her and which gave both Katie and Aiden somebody to play with, but her youngest was very shy to me at first. Which is normal, and he wasn’t the only one either! Well, he had gotten past his shyness and asked me if I could take off the wrapper of the cupcake he had. Everybody else was busy so I attempted to do this while he just watched me go around the top of the wrapper, pulling it down and trying to keep my toes away from the actual icing part. Once I had gotten it loosen up enough he got it all the way undone and began to eat the icing!

 The older kids finally got to join in on the fun when somebody realized the only thing we haven’t done yet was the pinata. This time I decided to stay out of this one and let the younger kids have the fun. They did it the right away though, blindfold, spinning around a couple of times and then letting loose! Well, Miss Katie was first since she was the only girl and she didn’t even make her first hit before the damn bat exploded in two! Which in a way was handy because the hands were WAY too short to handle a three or four feet bat made of paper. I think all of the kids got to go except for one but we didn’t really hear him complain though because there was a lot of candy on the ground! Once it was broken, people started to throw away their stuff, say their goodbyes, and leave. We stayed a little bit later to help clean up. While my mom was busy helping, I was trying to keep Maci occupied. She has a few teeth in her mouth and she kept wanting to pull my toes into her mouth. My good work was coming back to literally bite me! I only got three hugs and two kisses by three different kids. I love getting kisses and hugs from little kids, it makes my heart melt! Now that I’ve been home for a few hours, I’ve been listening to music, editing pictures and trying to summarize my whole day in one post. I’m pretty sure today rocked! And tomorrow I get to have cake all over again, since we’re celebrating my papaw’s birthday that was this week too! Until then, I hope you enjoyed your day and/or evening and here are what our new kittens look like. Goodnight!

This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing "Kells" sorry sis!
This is Princess Belle, I refuse to call this pretty little thing “Kells” sorry sis!
Our little calico that my mom won't let me name "Snow White." So far, this is un-named
Our little calico that my mom won’t let me name “Snow White.” So far, this is un-named
See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn't he? Still un-named too!
See! He does look like Ivan and Grumpy doesn’t he? Still un-named too!
Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!
Our little explorer, Silver Moonlight!