Tune Tuesday: America


Okay, the only band I knew that not only could kick this traveling musical journey off but they have an album releasing next month! Since the whole month of June and probably a little bit of July will be packed with my travels posts. I just decided to give them the start of this thing. If you know me well enough, you know how much of a Linkin Park fan I am. In 2009, I got introduced into every rock and metal band you can imagine at that time. I had several bands that helped my rocker side to explode, but LP and the fan base just accepted me right in without ever hesitating. I am a hardcore fan, I don’t hate on their newer albums I happen to love them! My favorite albums are Meteroa and A Thousand Suns. I’m very proud to say that my nana has watched both the Jay-Z and Linkin Park mash-up DVD once and the live DVD at Milton Keyes twice! She has four burnable CDs of just LP songs. When their song “Waiting For The End,” came out my mom was so hooked to it that she had it on CDs for her car and slowly I started to feel like my favorite song was turning into a song I hated because she was learning the words and singing out loud. I honestly don’t know what’s worse when she sings Chester’s lyrics or does Mike’s raps. I have a BIG crush on Rob Bourdon, the drummer! I also drew all six members of the band for my senior year in high school.

Guilty All The Same by Linkin Park featuring Rakim

Until It’s Gone by Linkin Park