This Or That Tag

You know how I said when I posted my “taking a break from blogging” post and I said I wouldn’t do any tags, like at all? Yeah well, I lied. I just actually found this by another blogger on Twitter. It doesn’t seem that bad even though it is VERY girly… Probably a little bit too girly for me to do but I don’t care. I’m bored and I want something to do. To the blogger Ali that posted this first, thank you for making me channel my inner girly side! 

Blush // Bronzer – Blush
Lip Gloss // Lipstick – Lipstick
Eye Liner // Mascara – Eye Liner
Foundation // Concealer – Foundation
Neutral // Color Eyeshadow – Eyeshadow
Pressed // Loose Eyeshadow – Pressed
Brushes // Sponges – Brushes

OPI // China Glaze – China Glaze
Long // Short – Long
Acrylic // Natural – Natural
Brights // Darks – A little bit of both
Flower // No Flower – No Flower

Perfume // Body Splash – Perfume
Lotion // Body Butter – Body Lotion
Body Wash // Soap – Soap
Lush // Other Bath Company – Other

Jeans // Sweat Pants – Sweat pants
Long sleeve // Short Sleeved – Long sleeve
Dresses // Skirts – Dresses
Stripes // Plain – Stripes
Flip Flops // Sandals – Barefoot
Scarves // Hats – Neither
Studs // Dangly Earrings – Dangly earrings
Necklaces // Bracelets – Bracelets
Heels // Flats – Heels
Cowboy Boots // Riding Boots – Both
Jacket // Hoodie – Hoodie
Forever 21 // Charlotte Russe – Forever 21
Abercrombie // Hollister – Neither

Curls // Straight – Straight
Bun // Ponytail – Ponytail
Bobby Pins // Butterfly Clips – Bobby Pins
Hair Spray // Gel – Hairspray
Long // Short – Long
Light // Dark – Dark
Side Sweep Bangs // Full bangs – Side Sweep
Up // Down – Up

Rain // Shine – Shine
Summer // Winter – Summer
Fall // Spring – Both
Chocolate // Vanilla – Both
East Coast // West Coast – East Coast

Blogs That I Love #6


It’s time for another Friday full of wonderful blogs! This week I’m posting these blogs for their themes and names. Earlier in the week I had joined in on a blog chat and one of the things that I had said was if they had an awesome, clever, and adorable blog name chances are that I’ll end up liking them from the start! In a way, what I do is like picking out a book. I go by covers naturally, if the lettering and picture is just out of this world or simple enough then I am usually sold on that part. Don’t worry, I read the back of it as well before I make my ending result but majority of the time it’s a go! Blogs have the same effect on me. I even go by that on mine. That’s what I change my blog every other month, because not only do I want my posts to pop out for people but your blog should have a good way to bring people in and keep them coming time after time. Even though I am mainly talking about names and backgrounds for this post, I still love all of these blogs and their content they share. So like I say every week, if you’re not already following these blogs you should definitely check them out!

  1. Tiny Grey Cat – Lily is a lifestyle blogger and she shares all kinds of things from fashion, what she likes to wear, she’s got a cat problem like moi! She also likes quite a few things like I do, tattoos, vintage, etc. One thing that I like the most is that she’s using her blog as a healing process. I have used my blog for the same thing but different situation, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. I think she is an amazing woman and such a sweetheart!
  2. Underland To Wonderland – Danielle is a young woman who loves everything about life. She talks about her up and down moments in life and she posts beautiful pictures about the life around her! My favorite type of posts that she does are the “Weekly Wondering” and they are different questions that she found called, “365 Thought Provoking Questions To Ask Yourself This Year” and I’ve got to say they are amazing! Between the questions and her answers! You’ll want to stay on her blog all day just reading her posts!
  3. Water Painted Dreams – Hayley is the owner of this cute and adorable little blog! It’s a mix between beauty, crafts, books, and etc. She’s also a Scottish blogger and I’ve been finding a LOT of them lately but she’s been one of my favorites to come back to! I really like reading her DIY, recipes, and book reviews the most!