Picture It & Write: Close To Heaven

Congrats to the ladies of Ermiliablog for their first publication of Picture It & Write ebook! As well as the others that sent in their entries to the book! I got the idea of this romantic story after listening to the song “Open Hands” by Ingrid Michaelson featuring Trent Dabbs on repeat.

“Take me on a ride.” she said to me.
The machine kicked on and fire ignited inside the hole and up we went into the sky.
She smiled and stumbled to keep her balance as the light wind whisked us to the right and the hot air balloon rose up from the ground.
The less the damp green grass was in view, she was more nervous.
I forgot to ask if she was afraid of heights.
She was just so willing to go up in it when she first walked by.
I took her hand and gave her a smile back so maybe she’d start to relax and let go of what was going on through the week.
It was her one chance of freedom and she felt at one with the night sky.
She tilted her head back and saw the big flames airing the walls of the balloon, carrying them up higher and higher almost close to heaven.
She felt tears down her cheeks but couldn’t control it.
I saw her shield away from my sight and then I walked over to her and wrapped my arm around her and she leaned in to me.
She found her heaven with me.


6 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: Close To Heaven

    1. I am deathly afraid of heights and so I would NEVER go on one, but then again I was on a plane twice and I wanted the window seat both times! Lol and it does look romantic in a way. Especially at night. πŸ™‚


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