Ketchup With Us: I Caved…

Mel and Michele are the hosts of Ketchup With Us. There are two ways of doing a post. You could do it in the way I’ve been doing it. A 10 minute post of whatever is in your head at the moment. Or you could link up any post you want, brand new or old post on your blog. Just send it to their blogs! 


For this week I have found another song that’s ten minutes long, hooray! It’s from a band in Germany called Xandria. I have used their songs as a timer before because, well majority of their songs are over the normal 3-4 minute mark. This song is the title track of their newly released album called “Sacrificium.” 

It’s been a long week, but I think I had too much fun or crap in my head all weekend long to actually remember what all I did. It wasn’t all THAT great, but it was still pretty good though. I’m glad I’ve gotten out of the blogging everyday routine because like last night, I could have done a post about my day but I didn’t have to and I decided that I wasn’t going to mess around and put something together that would take all night to do. So I left it in my head for all instead. I’ve finally caved in and joined this Charlie Hunnam craze that every girl that I know has over him. When I first heard he was going to be Christian Grey, I was like “oh, of course they pick somebody who I’ve never seen on TV before.” I had three choices that I thought were good, but then as my friends were sending me pictures of him on Facebook I was like, “well, you’re okay.” When I heard he quit I was like, “yes!” and then I heard about Jamie Dorian and I was back to “WHAT?!” again. My dad has a few seasons of Sons of Anarchy and I didn’t think I’d get into it because it was motorcycle related. Too close to my dad and his train of thoughts–not saying he’s like these guys in any way shape or form–I went and caved in and watched the first disc on Friday night. I am proud to say that I am a fan of SOA but still iffy about Charlie though. I mean, he’s got some good points, some REALLY good points! I just don’t like his English accent, it’s light as crap and not as thick as most. Everytime I take a break from watching the show, I have to listen to metal/rock. Yeah, that’s what I’ve gotten myself into lately.


4 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: I Caved…

  1. Hey! This sounds like you’ve been busy finding new things to check out! Go, you!! 🙂 I’ve never watched SOA, but heard it’s pretty intense. We are in the Game of Thrones and 24 right now. Both are high energy. Hoping you have a great week. Thanks for coming to #KetchupWithUs!!


  2. I don’t know that I’ll be seeing the 50 Shades of Grey movie. I just didn’t love it the way everyone else did. Is it me? (No, of course not, Michele. And stop talking to yourself.)

    Thanks for linking up with Ketchup, Meghan. Always nice having you around. Come back and see us on the 1st. Which is today!


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