Blogs That I Love #5


I think I should probably do something that I should have done a long time ago. I have a page called “Writing Challenges” up in the top right corner of my blog. It’s a place where you can find what kind of writing challenges I do on a weekly/monthly basis. It’s a thing to do to keep a variety! The more I find, the more I want to do. However, having too many can lead to a mini burnout for a few weeks at a time. I love all of these challenges with my heart. However, I think it’s time to recognize the writers behind each of these challenges I do every week and month. I know there are more than my normal routine of five bloggers but they all deserve special notice since they are apart of the challenges. So let’s get on it.

  1. Ketchup With UsMel runs a blog of  According To Mags, it’s about her life as a teacher, wife, and mother to her kids. Michele is also a mother, wife, and goes with life with a lot of humor. They literally have these ketchup costumes and wear them for their posts. Both ladies are so sweet and fun to talk to on Twitter.
  2. Bloggers Do It BetterGemma has created BDIB challenge recently and I really love her blog, it’s very girly and simple! She’s also very helpful when you don’t have anything for that challenge, she’ll help you out and she loves fashion and beauty, so if you’re into beauty she does a LOT of product reviews.
  3. Picture It & WriteErmisenda and Eliabeth own the blog, and it is everything about books kind of blog. They have their own book that they wrote called The Blind Side and it’s on there and they are the owners of one of my favorite writing challenges, it’s probably one of the easiest challenges to do. The girls are so sweet and I think every book lover would love their blog!
  4. Five Sentence FictionLillie owns Lillie McFerrin Writes and I love her because she’s so nice and thanks to this writing challenge, before I started on this I wasn’t willing to do anything to do with writing and shrinking things down. I was always asking teachers in school to go more on assignments and with this, it really was a challenge to start for the first few weeks. Every word that is selected can be difficult for me, but I still love it. I like only writing a tiny, five sentence story each week.
  5. Free Write FridayKellie owns FWF and it’s another one of my favorites to do. My favorite ones she does are the word banks, time and scenario, and image prompt. Kellie’s very nice and something that she does is that there is no deadline with any of her prompts and you have the freedom to go where you want to with each prompt and you can have mistakes. I’m pretty sure that’s every writer’s dream right there!

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