If You Were A Superhero, Who Would You Be?

I don’t know why I’m really doing this. I’m either still coming down from the high of the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. season finale last night or I’ve seen too many X-Men: Days Of Future Past commercials, pictures, etc in the last few days. Whatever the reason, it’s making me think about my old thoughts from childhood. We all had those moments where as kids, we told almost everybody we were around that we have superpowers. I also thought I had powers with water, bath time was extremely for me. I’d say I was about nine years old or probably younger when I was having these thoughts, but quite frankly I don’t think I had watched any superhero movies at that time. If I did, there was only one and it was the Batman movie with Jack Nicholson as the joker. I remembered him after all these years, if I remember correctly I think he was the reason why I hate clowns so much. Dude played the role well!

Anyways, these memories are coming back after wondering about AOS character “Skye” played by Choe Bennet. If you have watched this entire season, you know she’s an ophran just looking for her family. Well, in the middle of the season everybody that has ever tried to protect her has dead and if you watched last night and last week episodes you know that her parents were the monsters who were trying to kill her. Now here are my thoughts on this, I kind of thought Skye would be John Garrett’s daughter. I know, I know don’t think like that and give Skye a bad rap, I don’t want to – I love Skye and I want to know more about her and considering how last night’s episode ended we might get to know even more about her in the fall when the series comes back for season TWO! There has been rumors in the Marvel fan base that everybody thinks that both Skye and Agent Coulson will turn into two really BIG superheroes, considering they have alien blood or DNA running through their systems. People have said that Phil could turn into Captain Marvel and others say Skye would turn into Ms. Marvel. I’m still on the fence about the both of them, but I’d love to see both characters change into something kind of bigger and change the atmosphere of their thoughts and world, of course!

Every kid and adult in the world has wished that they had powers at one time. Even if some girls think comics are stupid, they have wished it too but in different ways. Do I still wish I had the power to control water? Eh, not really! I wouldn’t want to drown in my powers. For most people being able to fly and invisible would be the normal first choices. Not me. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of favorite Marvel superheros and villains. I’ve got quite a list not going to lie. So I’ve decided to share who I like the most and what powers they have that makes so special from the rest.

1.) ROGUE – Anna Marie but Marie in the films, she has the powers to absorb the powers of both human and mutant alike but only for a short period of time. However, she doesn’t have much control over them and can potentially kill somebody if she absorbs too much.

2.) ELEKTRA – Elektra Nachtois has the knowledge of martial arts and weapons. She can achieve high-speed, stamina, human strength, and etc.

3.) MYSTiQUE – Raven Darkholme is her real name and she is a shapeshifter, her skin is blue and her eyes are yellow. She is apparently the only openly bisexual supervillain, plus she is the adoptive mother of Rogue in the comics.

4.) Jean Grey – She is one of most strongest mutants, her powers consists of telepathy and telekinesis. When Jean uses the Dark Phoenix Force she can absorb, rechannel, and can take energy from one person and give it to another plus heal herself. She is the wife of Cyclops and mother of Rachel Summers, X-Man, Cable, and Styfe.

5.) Black Widow – Natasha Romanoff started off being a Russian spy. She is skilled as a sniper and has a vast knowledge of weaponry and martial arts.

6.) Magneto – In the comics his name is Max Eisenhardt, but in the late 1940s he changed his name to Erik Lehnsherr, Magneto is one of the most known villains in the X-Men comics. He has the powers to control metal any shape or form. He wears a helmet to protect him from others who use telepathy and his mind. He is the father of the twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksliver.

Now if we’re talking about film wise and my favorites there, they would kind of the same but in different formats. I am mostly on Team Wolverine and Rogue. Now onto the weird part, I understand what Charles Xavier is trying to do with trying to get the newer and older mutants to control their powers and help blend in with society, but I also see Magneto’s side of not hiding who you really are and showing what could happen if you make a person hide themselves. So in a way, I am team Charles Xavier with Sir Patrick Stewart era, but more Michael Fassbender as Magneto era. Other than that, I’d like to have a little bit of everybody’s talents and attitude to be quite honest with you.