Mother’s Day 2014

Originally for mother’s day I wanted to do something special for both my nana and mom. My plan was to have somebody in my family to bake her an Angel Food cake and make my mom homemade bath bombs since she loves taking baths the most. Well, last week when my mom went and did my grandparents errands she came back and nana was still struggling to do with her elbow being hurt and unable to move it around and so I had the joy of helping her get things out of the plastic bags and one of the things in the last bags was a whole already made Angel Food cake. I was crushed but I never told my mom that I wanted her to do the cake. So technically, it was my own fault for not saying anything about it, but still it was just like. “ok, now what do I do?” My mom HATES when my sister and I get her gifts, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, and Christmas are difficult because she just doesn’t want anything. Funny thing is, dad’s the same way but he’s easily pleased. When nana hurt her arm, I knew the bath bombs idea was a no-go so just TWO days ago. I messaged my sister on Twitter about what we were going to get her. I had suggested that we get strawberry cake mix because that’s one of her favorites and then when they went out yesterday it was like 2-3pm and my sister had to be at work at like 5pm. After work she came home and told me that she was planning on going to the store with her friend of whom she was spending the night with or was supposed to at least. I got a text message from whatever time she got home. I was asleep (thank you God!) and it said that she got her a bunch of roses and a cat card. It fit her well!


When Blondie came home at two o’clock in the morning, she was trying not to wake anybody up but she wanted to present it nicely and she went into the kitchen to look for something to put the roses in. She sneak liked into the kitchen and grabbed a cup and went back into her room and had to leave her room once more to grab the scissors from the living room. According to her, she cut the packaging that they were in and the food stuff that was in there had dropped onto her bed. She said she sat in her room wondering about her life because that would happen to her and her bed. She put the roses in the cup of water and gathered the food and dirt and put them in the cup as well. Then tried to put the cup on the kitchen counter but she said it looked like the cup was about to tip over and I don’t know what happened after that. When we were getting ready to go over to nana’s this morning, I saw them on the table over by the couch and then there was a balloon on the opposite of the room, from my dad. We all know that she doesn’t like surprises and I totally forgot to tell dad that I was in on Blondie’s present so when he gave her his present, he signed from the two of us. I didn’t know he was going to get her something too. I kind of figured a balloon and a card. Nope. He got her a balloon and a little rose-bush since he basically he killed hers last year. That commercial that we’ve been seeing on TV that says something like “she’s over flowers, get her something more.” We never heard a compliant from her or nana, so that’s not exactly true!


When we were getting ready to go over to my nana’s, I kept trying to convince mom to take our dog ChiChi over since my grandparents tend to complain and ask about to see her. I was ready to go, I’m always the first one ready to go anywhere. Dad was out getting nana the rose-bush for her. As soon as he came back, mom came to her senses and grabbed ChiChi’s leash and she started running to both of the doors all excitedly and mom got her hooked up to the collar and dad had just said that he was getting him something to eat, and I’m betting he was happy that he only had one pet to beg while he was eating. Oliver is the begging type now and funny part is, dad will feed me too! Anyways, I was willing to take ChiChi up in the front seat because Blondie HATES taking the dog with us, because she likes to bark and whine the entire time until we get to the certain location. When mom turned on the car, she pulled down Blondie’s window so she could see outside. It was so cute to see ChiChi’s little head peak out of this big window from the backseat. When we got there, mom took her inside and I don’t know who was more happy that she was there nana or papaw. When mom came back to get me out of the car, I was sitting in my seat watching the squirrel in the tree going from one side to the other. It’s the little things in life that makes me happy! I went inside and papaw’s like my dad, one minute he’s hot, one minute he’s cold. I’d say it’s a men thing but now all four of us are being like that now! My mom presented nana’s yellow rose-bush and balloon to her. Mom and Blondie stuck in the ground right by my papaw’s other bush he got a couple of years ago.


I’m happy to say that all of the flowers you see here are beautiful and real. I’m not big on real flowers and I know that sounds weird, but fake flowers never die and bees stay away from them. Best of both worlds! When we came back to the house, mom put her hair up in a ponytail and we went over to our neighbors to hang out. It’s been looking like it could rain/storm all day long, kind of like yesterday. We could hear thunder rumbling through after a while of being there inside the barn. Little Chevy got this little princess castle thing that’s has little soft balls inside and she was giving everybody one. As everybody had a ball, somebody just started throwing them left and right. I still had a hold of mine throughout the whole thing. It wasn’t until the end I had my head straight and a split second I had turned my head to the left and my mom, who was sitting away from me had thrown her ball to my dad, who was sitting behind me and the ball just hit my ponytail and I was like, “what the hell!” At least it didn’t hit me in the face but it was like, “hey now!” It was a fun time. Now I’m going to eat a chili dog and relax a bit. Enjoy your day!