Blogs That I Love #3

On Twitter and here, I continue to find more and more blogs in different genres. I’ve been apart of different chats lately and one of my favorite questions that we mostly get asked is “what is your favorite posts to read” and before it was just the normal lifestyle posts because I’m nosy. After a couple of chats later, and I slowly started to add more genres in the answer like travel, DIY, and food posts. So this post and the rest until further notice are about lifestyle bloggers with my favorite posts! If you don’t already follow these blogs, please follow them because you become a fan of them instantly!

  1. A Lady In London – She is a blogger that has traveled around the world, 92 countries and counting. She posts each post with the words “Lady In” and wherever she traveled to as her title. I’ve a lot of her post and I love what she talks about inside the post, including the pictures! They are high quality and can pop out of the post instantly.
  2. Isobel Rose – Isobel is a new blogger I found earlier this week. She’s really a beauty and fashion blogger, but she does some lifestyle posts in there too. She’s a language major and living in Madrid. I think that’s really cool so, you know I got to continue to follow her blog for more interesting things in her life.
  3. Lauryn’s Notebook – Lauryn’s a teenage blogger, who ever think teenagers don’t actually blog and use tumblr instead, well Lauryn is the total opposite. She talks about books, travel, and lifestyle. She even does posts such as these and promotes other teenage bloggers. She is a sweetheart and I love her posts and pictures!
  4. Raising Harry and Arthur – Although she keeps her blog on private I still have to include her in this post. Becky is a single “mum” to two little boys. She originally made her blog for her first son Harry and it’s about their fun adventures at their home, out and about, and trips to Disneyland Paris. Earlier she gave birth to another baby boy named Arthur and she’s now talking about life with the both of them. She is such a good young mother and my nana loves reading her blog posts as well!
  5. Olive Needs Popeye – You know there’s not very many people where I love talking to everyday, that make me happy while I’m talking to them. She is still fairly young but she’s an artist like I am, she also does posts on life, photography, beauty and fashion. She is incredibly sweet too!