Taking A Break

I’ve been trying to keep up with this whole “blog everyday” concept. I did it last year and only four days throughout the entire year. It was a nice little challenge for me to do at that time. Now I feel like I’m blogging for the wrong reasons. As if I was only doing it for better views on my posts and I think seeing my views just decline so bad for two years before, where they were in the 80-500 views in a week to 10-40 views in a post. It hurts because I take my hardest to produce good stuff and I feel like I’ve just went screwed myself over. I’ve been wondering about this for a long time and I have felt like that I’ll run out of things to talk about and everybody says, “oh you never have enough stuff to discuss on your blog.” Yeah, well that’s not true! Let’s get something straight first, I’ve been blogging for five years and I’ve had two separate blogs. I love running this blog like I loved running my last one. I’m just in one hell of a rut and talking about things that aren’t happening and only posting what’s going on in my mind can get dangerous! Haha! I don’t want to stop blogging completely because let’s face it, blogging has been my lifeline. It’s my best friend. It’s always there when I need to let loose and go crazy! Nothing right now is fresh anymore.

I started this blog with a new change of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be. I haven’t lost that, but the content isn’t where it should be. Writing–blogging is supposed to be about having fun and I’m not having fun at the moment. I think of blogging as a job like what I didn’t want, I’m not a journalist nor do I intend to be one, blogging was my ultimate outlet and I loved being somebody’s highlight of the day! It’s not mine right now. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I am here to say I will post here and there. My “challenges” I post like Bloggers Do It Better, Five Sentence Fiction, Free Write Friday, Ketchup With Us, and Picture It & Write will be up when I feel like doing them! My 52 Week writing challenge has been proposed temporally, also all of my other posts like Spring’s Paradise, Roll With Me, Tune Tuesday, and Blogs That I Love will be up whenever things happen. Other than that, nothing else will be posted. No quotes, lists, random short stories, etc until further notice! If you are on Twitter, I will be posting a different post from my archives everyday (I’ll try) and hopefully that’ll give you some highlight and bring a smile on your face. See you all on Tuesday for another edition of Tune Tuesday! Thank you for the viewers and nice comments. I’ll be back to my old self soon! I just need a nice good break from routine!

Five Sentence Fiction: Doors


What it’s all about: Five Sentence Fiction is about packing a powerful punch in a tiny fist. Each week I will post a one word inspiration, then anyone wishing to participate will write a five sentence story based on the prompt word. The word does not have to appear in your five sentences, just use it for direction.

This week: DOORS

Brittany wanted to give her little princess everything she ever wanted, but also some important values too.

Hannah was only four but knew how to walk, share, and loved every piece of clothing a person put in front of her; she was humbled with what she had at such a young age that nobody could believe it.

When Brittany and her boyfriend Jack discovered they were expecting a new baby was coming, they didn’t want Hannah to feel left out of the picture.

They were moving into their new house and wanted to give her something they knew she would love, her favorite movies was Alice In Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast, they know how much she loved adventures, reading, songs, and characters of the movies.

 When they brought Hannah to her new door, she saw a pink door knob, but inside was a lair of bookshelves and handmade painted talking flowers, her bed was daisy bed with a cute little kitten stuffed animal that looked like Alice’s cat Delilah; she was so happy to have the best of both worlds that she hugged her parents tightly!

A Sleepless Night Of Thoughts

It’s one of those sleepless nights. Actually, I’ve had them about every day of this week. I still don’t know how it exactly happened either. Anyways, I have finished two movies and a TV show that I taped earlier this evening. A little bit ago, as I was finishing SVU I saw this fairly large bug crawling on my table. I know! I know! Why am I freaking out about a bug that’s basically on the other side of my room (like any of you would know that!) I didn’t know if it flew or not and so I knew my mom was awake so I sent her a text. So she came in and when she had the door cracked open the bug went onto the floor, I still don’t know if it jumped or flew down there. It just landed there and as mom was walking in, I was trying to tell her it was on the floor by her feet. She literally jumped up and slightly screamed. It was kind of funny! She did kill it after attempting to do three times. We found it to be a “water bug” and it was pretty big! So now we’re both screwed of ever finding sleep now. I’m more awake than I was an hour ago. Too much excitement. Now I’m listening to music from my TV and enjoying the darkness of my room. I might try to attempt to find some sleep, but I think I’m going to go on Pinterest for a “quick” visit. Hopefully, I’ll be back with a real post later on today!  For all of the people getting ready for their day, I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂