I’ve seen these before on other blogs and thought they were kind of cute, but yet not for me. Well, I’m bored but I don’t have much in my head for a huge blog post so unless I find something else. This might be the only post you get until tomorrow. However, I am on Pinterest so you could lucky. Who knows honestly! Okay, I’m writing about what I’m currently doing and it’s not a lot, so this should be interesting to say the least. Enjoy though!

I am
Really tired and wish I could get my sleep back on track. However, I think after all of the hints she’s been giving me for the last two days to try to sleep in tomorrow morning. I think we’re both going to wishing for a miracle for two completely different outcomes.

I keep
Boxes and I have three that I use religiously. One is for my headphones at night. I’ve been using Velveeta boxes for my little stuff like iPod and cords. I also have a medium size Kleenex box for my cup. We have another big box underneath on the floor covered by a sheet and then the Kleenex box just gives my cup in place. That was invention number two!!

I wish I could
Figure out what I was going to wear to my friend’s wedding in the fall. I seriously have no idea and I’m worried about a few months in advance. How nice!

I love
Nature, as a blogger recently I’ve noticed myself taking a step back from talking and engaging with people and just listening to everybody talk and what was around me. Now I did this during Christmas and I got so overwhelmed that I was basically out of the picture for most of the time. So I know now to talk a little bit during everything so my mind doesn’t feel like it could explode.

I dance
On Monday nights while I listen to my iPod when everybody’s gone to back and I’m still trying to calm myself down from that night’s Dancing With The Stars.

I sing
Almost everything, I love songs that have a sassy sound but I also love those low and soft melodies too! I love operatic voices the most though!

I think
The world is crazy, but I think it can be built up again as that’s what we always do when a crisis happens.

I really
Need to figure out what I’m going to write about for this week’s short story.

I need
To get my DVR to recent Law & Order: SVU and Black Box tonight.

I should
Be doing that now considering SVU starts almost two hours.

I can
Do lots of things, some of which happen to be a curse.

I like
The sun, it builds me up more than anything. Well, music does too!

I make
Things seem easy when they’re not. Having feet as my hands makes people weird.

I always 
Judge people too quickly, but I’m working on it!

I am reading
Nothing, but thinking about going back to reading but taking a break from romance books all together.

I am trying
To learn lyrics from Epica and Xandria’s new albums.

I was pinning
Journal prompts, trying to draw out my words to blog for the other free days I’ll have later in the week and the next week.

I love tweeting
Other bloggers, even the blogroll and who I’m following continues to grow, I love finding more and creating friendships with them. The more the merrier!

I’m discovering
Myself as a person and finding I care more than I think I do.

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