Tune Tuesday #4

So it’s another Tuesday. I’m beginning to LOVE Tuesdays ever since I started these each week. It just makes me happy and I always wonder what songs I’ll choose as my picks of the week before. I’ve been back and forth between doing a Disney theme and a mellow-ish theme of songs as my picks but I chose to do one of each and maybe I’ll do the other two for next week as a fun thing. I love getting into new artists and bands, and we have Sirius XM radio on our TV’s and so that’s how I’ve been hearing all this great music. I’m really addicted to The Pulse and Octane like crazy! Everybody knows I’m addicted to anything Disney related. I’m definitely not shy by it. Both songs are terrific and I hope you enjoy them! What are you listening to?

The Wire by Haim 

Strangers Like Me by Phil Collins

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