Something Always Happens

UntitledIt’s been a pretty long day but it was a great one too!! There’s not many Monday’s where that’s actually happened. I do pray before I attempted to go to bed last night that to watch over me today and help me how a good day. God must’ve heard me, since it turned out the way it did!

I was originally supposed to get up early to go over to my nana’s while my parents took the bike and Blondie’s to the shop. When my mom woke me up at almost 8am, she only took me to the bathroom and had me go back to sleep. When she woke me up again, it was an hour before noon and I had only gotten an hour of sleep after that first time she woke me up. We went to Jasper twice, and I had my headphones on so I mostly in la-la land for most of the ride. When we dad got his bike back, we had seen these two older couples go into these bikes and trikes. I was actually hoping to God that they were both looking at the trikes, because one of them especially was definitely too old to get on a motorcycle. I’m sorry, but they were! I was having fun sitting in the backseat listening to my music but when my mom was listening to something that had a lot bass, I turned them off and listened to hers. Listening to music in her truck made me miss using my stereo with my iPod. Since my iPod is so tiny, it runs down the battery now.

When we got home, we relaxed a little bit and mom got my hair washed for me. She had told me after she got home from work yesterday afternoon that she and dad were talking about going out to eat. When she came to the house, she told me what they were discussing and said that they were going out to eat, usually in these cases I’m just happy to be get out of house, but for this, this never happens anymore. Something always happens that day or a few days before and it all goes downhill from there. After were we went today, I was even wondering if we’d go out at all. Blondie got home early and then we all got dressed and hit the road. On the way there, we listened to the radio and heard my dad’s “favorite” song from a few years ago. Duffy’s song “Mercy” was on the radio a lot and on my iPod so I listened to it a lot too. I was literally sitting in the backseat singing right along to it. When we got to Ponderosa, I felt very excited because I was really hungry but also a very weird feeling come to me when my mom was paying for the cashier. My dad has a very weird sense of humor, as do I, but he was just in a good mood and started saying very inappropriate things and it got us all laughing when it shouldn’t have but instead of feeling embarrassed like normally, I was very positive and calm. I wasn’t mad at him when we got to our table either. I’d rather him be in a quirky, good mood than a bad one.

The last few times I eat out, I usually go with my mom and get a salad first. I have a very good memory sometimes and I’m glad I remembered of the last couple of times where I said “no more salad bar” because if I get a salad I generally eat a lot of it and get full by the time I eat my regular food and of course, dessert. So my dad and I started a first course of fried chicken, fish, deep-fried shrimp, green beans, mac and cheese, and a roll. It was comfort on a plate! My dad just put the shrimp on my plate because he wanted to try them too and he got my plate first so you know. Everything was good, but the chicken was WAY too crispy for me and he gave me a bite of these BBQ ribs and I’m so used to my dad’s take on foods, especially BBQ ribs and so, I gave him a compliment when I said to him that they didn’t taste like his, honestly nothing is going to taste like his food! After I was finished, dad and I went up to get dessert and I got a bowl full of vanilla ice cream (I love soft serve) with Oreo crumbs and chopped up peanuts. I remembered from the last time we went out as a family that my dad and Blondie had called me out about how I eat my ice cream. Somehow I was very comfortable being around them and though the ice cream was freaking cold on my teeth. I ate it like everything else without making a weird face. Dad got chocolate ice cream with a slice of carrot cake. Basically, all of us got ice cream and I’m also proud to say I actually got to finish my dessert. That literally NEVER happens!

Once we left, we all kind of agreed that we weren’t going back to Ponderosa again. According to my dad, when he goes to eat there with his friends, the food’s good. When we goes out with us, not so much! Again, I did not take this as an insult. I just laughed my butt off and kept looking at the TV were sitting below. My mom and I were kind of hoping we’d get home a little bit before the start of Dancing With The Stars and we got home an hour before the show started. Which was just torture because we were all exhausted! Blondie and dad had done work all day long and literally none of us got any sleep last night either. It didn’t really stop my mom and sister from going tanning after we got home though. It is kind of late at night and I just finished watching DWTS and voted for my favorites. Now I’m going to try to finish a couple of episodes of Frasier and The Golden Girls before I find some sleep. I also need to do my prayers as well too! I hope everybody enjoyed their day!