Do You Believe In Cliques In The Blogging World?

UntitledDo you think there are blogger cliques? Well, if you were a blogger, you’d probably say yes as there a bunch of different people creating their blogs to be about anything and everything anymore. Not being judgemental or anything, I’m just saying everybody can write about anything and spice it up as they want. In the beginning of my blogging experience, I didn’t even know there were categories for different blogs and the only blogs you heard about were Celebrity gossip blogs. One of the things I wanted to do with my blog is not become who I hate the most. I didn’t want to become a journalist and talk about what was going on in the world around us. All the negativity and crisis of different countries. I’m not saying I don’t have sympathy for these countries either, but I do believe in bringing some harmony and positivity into the world we live in today.

I think there are cliques within the blogging world. It’s just like school, what you do is where you belong. If you were into sports then you were in the popular crowd and got to enjoy the fun of what comes in that. In the blogging world, it’s basically the same thing but the only differences is the fact that you do see everybody in the hallways. If you are on Twitter, there are different retweeting accounts that help promote your blog and they also create a bigger audience for your blog. My Twitter has gained a lot of followers ever since I started using these accounts. I have realized that I do belong in a clique and after feeling like I was a traveller in school. I never belonged to one clique at a time. I was all over the place. I made friends everywhere I went and I enjoyed that, but it did has its bad parts of it too. Since I didn’t belong to just one clique I felt alone for the majority of the time and tried to get myself into certain cliques to belong. I ended up destroying a part of myself but on my last week of a student in high school, I realized I had wasted on that and I had all of the friends I needed. In the blogging world, the blogs you find and the authors that run them become your new friends and you long for a meetup to meet the ones that live close to you. Yes, to you non-bloggers, meetups exist!

You can generally talk about anything on your blog. On Twitter, you get a sense that both the Beauty and Fashion bloggers reign supreme. I’m not going to lie, a lot of them are very helpful! Another big clique online are the healthy bloggers, talking about going vegan and being gluten-free, exercising, and thinking positive everyday. I tend to like those a little more as they are very helpful and you can do a lot on your own. There are a lot of mommy bloggers out there! A lot of them are into fashion and beauty, then there are some that try to help other mommies, and then there are the first time mothers. All three are very interesting and fun to read, even if you’re not a mother or father. Two of the last cliques that I tend to see less of, are the blogs about pets and teenage bloggers. One of the first bloggers to follow me has a couple of blogs for her pets. I find them very cute and the fact that she talks in what they would say if they were humans is absolutely hilarious! Now from what I’ve read, teenage bloggers is actually a new thing. Because honestly, blogging to a teenager is going on Tumblr. To actually follow other teenage bloggers and read their posts are pretty interesting and fun! I would have loved to have the blog I have now at that time. I’ve learned a lot from over the years and I’m afraid when I first started blogging, I wasn’t careful of myself and the dangers. It seems like some of these bloggers know the risks and are still willing to risk themselves.

One of the last cliques I’m talking about is, the lifestyle bloggers. I think I’ve always been a lifestyle blogger. It’s the best way to describe the content on both blogs and even though I’ve went back and forth between changing the content, it’s still mainly about life. I’ve been loving to show the world who I am and what I can do. I am disabled lifestyle blogger, this is who I am. ┬áSo last thing, if you were a blogger or already have a blog but don’t know where you belong, where would you like to go? Only pick what you’re willing to share and know the most about, that’s my only advice before you answer that question.