Blogs That I Love #2

I love making people happy, especially other bloggers! My blogroll is full of different kinds of blogs. Ranging from main three: beauty, fashion, lifestyle. To the less known but pretty important branches like, mommy, pet, and teenage blogs. There are really a LOT of different categories you can set your blog on. I’m mostly into the lifestyle and travel blogs the most! I love them all, because each one is different in their own way. I mean, you saw the differences in my last post of favorite bloggers. The designs of the blogs to the languages they speak. I like the differences, it keeps going back I think. It’s another week gone by and it’s time for my next round of blogs that I just love! I’ve even added a lot throughout this past week too! I have a lot to choose from, but I can only pick five. Who are your five favorite blogs you follow right now? If you don’t already follow these interesting people below, I suggest you do so!

  1. Fill My Little World – Bee is such a sweetheart! I love her cute little blog, from the traveling to different places to her just random posts about her cat Cosmo. I love when she talks about different foods that she’s tried in her day. The other day she blogged about Gelato in Paris. Weird, I know, but it looked like the real thing. I ended up wanting my dad to go get some at the store, but I knew he wouldn’t do that. Her blog is very inviting and you will love the pictures she shares!
  2. January Blonde – My friend Roxy is trying to finish her studies, like everybody else in the world! So she hasn’t got to blog much in the last couple of weeks. I miss her posts and tweets, but I know she’ll come back once she’s finished. She’s a beauty, fashion, and a little bit of a lifestyle blogger. She makes me want to go online shopping at Zara and find things! I love her personality, when she gets back I’m pretty sure I’m asking her on some advice about what to wear at a wedding in the beginning of autumn. She has the best style I’ve seen in a while. I’m not really girly in my clothes, but she makes me want to be girly though!
  3. LoveNiki – Niki is another girl who loves to talk about fashion and beauty. I’ve known her the longest. She’s very sweet and makes me envy how she can copy a celebrities look. She’s like me in a way, she has to change her blog all of the time and I fully understand that because that’s all I feel I do anymore. She does other blog topics too like, she’s do reviews, she talks about food a lot, and she blogged about unique soda drink flavors, like cookie dough and BACON! Yuck! If you go on her blog, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with too!
  4. Anette Olzon – Have I mentioned how much I love celebrity blogs? I only have three on my blogroll, I need to put up another one soon. I’ve been following Anette’s blog for a year or so I think! If you didn’t know, Anette Olzon is a Swedish singer that used to be a lead singer for both Alyson Avenue and Nightwish. She’s a mother to three boys and a newlywed. She also just released her debut solo album earlier this month! It’s such a good album too! She’s going on a mini tour this summer. Her first festival is in Finland and I wish I could go, but that’s really far away. She’s really very sweet! She does a lot of posts about her personal life, food, her healthy lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.
  5. Writing Essays With Wine Is Totally Fine – Emma is such a sweet but quite a character too! Just the title alone made me feel like, “I could get along with this girl!” Even though I’m not in school, she just makes me happy! She blogs about beauty and lifestyle. She is such a new blogger and learning the ropes, but I think she’s doing a pretty good job though! She talks about living in a healthier lifestyle and she does week reviews. Maybe when the summer comes, she’ll be blogging more and we’ll get to see more about her.

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