The Stocks Of Wheatland

Is Candy Land as sweet as they say it is???

It started like a regular day, but sadly it wasn’t a normal day for Martin Scott. He has been promised by his family that he’d start eating better. He was not in the mood to argue with his family, so he just agreed to make them happy. He didn’t think he was overweight, but has been over the average weight of a male in his early twenties. When his mother saw him take more than one plate full of food at the family reunion, she began to get worried for her youngest son and his health. After talking it over with the rest of her children and husband, they all agreed to comfort him about it. That afternoon was hell for the both of them. She didn’t want to embarrass him, but she knew it had to be done. Martin got a call from his oldest sister Lisa to come over to their parent’s house, as they were going to have a family meeting. Martin wasn’t excepting much or that it would be about him. When he arrived, his brothers and sisters greeted him and gave him hugs. His mother and father sat in the living room, just waiting. They didn’t even say hi to him. When they all sat on the couches they let loose on him and told him about what they really thought about his body image. It started off like a normal and calm conversation, Martin had thought trying to lose weight in the past but nothing ever fell through. When his mother started bawling because she couldn’t take the pressure. Even though she was crying and everybody was perfect in their lives, he decided to take the deal to get out of there quick.

Martin didn’t even last four hours after leaving his parents’ house. He went to the nearest drive through and order his last fattening meal. The next day, his sisters took him to the store and showed him foods he could eat and the things he can’t anymore. He absolutely hated going with them, especially by himself with his nieces and nephews again. At least he’s mother stayed at home. They took everything back to his house and they even brought him his own healthy cookbook. Martin thought it was very sweet of them to help him out but something told him he wouldn’t last long on this diet stuff. They showed him to make a “skinny” meal with wheat pasta, lots of healthy vegetables, and a light sauce to go on top. He would rather like his normal pasta, lots of sauce and no vegetables a lot more right now, but he knew with his sisters were in his home that wasn’t going to be an option. When everything was done, his other sister showed him how to count calories and made him drink naturally flavored water. He did like the water, but it was the food that didn’t set well with him. As soon as he took the first bite. He had the urge to spit it back out onto his napkin but of course his sisters were right there, watching him for a positive reaction. So he played one up for them! As they high-five each other and grinned ear to ear, he wanted to throw up his food!

 After he has basically shoved his nasty tasting foot into his mouth and taking a drink after every bite. He thought it was all over, until his younger sister Sara pulled out this raw strawberry pie. Raw meaning nothing was cooked inside. As much as he loves frozen foods, especially sugary foods, this was not the perfect first healthy dessert. He had to give her some credit though, the first two bites weren’t that bad until he let it sat out and talked to his sisters about the possibility of working out in the gym, more recipes inside the cookbook, and counting calories. The taste of the pie got worse and worse. It was no longer frozen anymore and tasted very bland. He stood by his promise and ate all of his small piece. He was glad that they cut him a small slice. When they were finished, he offered to wash the dishes as he knew where they went in the cabinet. They sat at the table, continuing to talk about what all he could eat for the next six days. He so dreaded the fact that they were talking about it. The worst was to come though, as they got up to grab their bags and leave him to be alone. Sara had remembered that she had a half pie in her bag and showed him that he could have it for the rest of the week, but only a small slice. He put on a brave face when she showed him the half eaten pie. When he was finally done washing the dishes, he did feel refreshed but also starving! Lisa and Sara left to go back to their families but said to call anytime he needed to in the week for advice. He smiled at their gesture and walked them to the door. When they left the house, he closed the door and wanted to put everything they got today in the trash.

Around 11pm, he got a text from his brother Jordan that he should go running with him in the morning. When he texted back asking what time he usually goes, Jordan texted back with “5-6:30am so he could get his kids on the bus for school.” Martin wanted to scream in horror! Five or six in the morning to go running was not his kind of excercise! He texted back “no thanks.” He put his phone on silent for the rest of the night. He started to get tired and was starting to hear his stomach growl for more food, but he promised his family to try lose weight. So he ignored his stomach and turned off the TV and lights around the house and went to sleep in his bed. When he crashed into his comfortable bed, he began to dream suddenly. His body was trying to wake him by telling he was hungry again. He ignored the noises and pulled the blanket over his body and escaped his hunger or so he thought. His dreamscape brought him to a cute little village, but why was he dreaming about a village that a kid could have fun? He was confused but didn’t fight it as he could no longer hear his stomach growling. He awoke to a bunch of grains looking at him weirdly. “What is he?” One stock said to another. “I think he’s a human.” An aged stock said to the rest.”A HUMAN?! Do you think his come to pick us like the others do?!” A very twitchy stock said to the aged stock. “Oh how about you all shut up.” Martin said to the very large stocks without opening his eyes. “Oh!” They all gasped as his words. “How about you make us.” The twitchy one didn’t like to be mean, but if he wanted a fight he was going to get one. Martin shot straight up and faced the stocks and now that his eyes were open, he could see them muttering words to each other. “AHHH! What the hell? You can talk!” Martin shouted at them. “Well, thank you for finally standing up but killing our friends.” Martin looked down at the stomped stocks below him. Oops!

“Wha-How did I get here?” Martin said to the stocks that were now mad at him and mourning the deaths of the stocks he landed on. “That’s all you have to say for yourself!” The twitchy stock said, with his light green leaves on what looked to be his hips. Martin was confused about what was going on around him. “I-I-I-I’m sorry I guess.” He said to them. “Oh please, you’re never sorry.” A female stock with what looked like baby grains at the sides of her. “What are you looking at son?” An angry stock who must’ve been her husband said to him with a deep voice. Martin was starting to think Sara had put alcohol inside that vegan pie! “I am sorry, I really am!” Martin said, “especially about your family members. I didn’t mean to kill them. I just don’t know where I am. One minute I was asleep in bed and now I’m here. Where am I?” Martin said the stocks that surrounded him, who now looked at him with sympathy. “You are in Wheatland son.” The aged stock stood besides his people and the twitchy one put down his arms from his waist. “My name is  Beer” Martin that it was a strange name but he’s heard worse. “Well, Beer? This is a weird question, do you know how to get back to my bed?” Martin said while fiddling with his thumbs while two little stocks look him over. “These are my grandsons Rye and Bun. Boys, be nice.” Beer said nicely to the young stocks of wheat. “Wow!” Martin whispered to himself. A little voice appeared in the distance of field of wheat. “I know how to get you out of here.” She was dainty and covered in blue. “My name’s Blueberry at your service.” She said as she hopped around the stocks and Martin. “Just follow me.”

“Were not finished with him yet.” The twitchy stock said while tugging onto Martin’s arm. “He hasn’t been brought to justice for his crimes.” He said while the crowd shouted in agreement. “Well, if you stays here it’ll just mean more will show up and kill more of you.” The little blueberry said to the twitchy stock. Everybody started muttered again. “Very well, you can take him. Lenny let go.” Lenny? Martin thought to himself. “Out of all the names of bread you can come up with, you name him Lenny?” Martin shouted at the stocks and started laughing. “Man, didn’t you get the short end of the stick.” The little blueberry started hopping away before the riots erupted. “You better leave now son before we arrest you.” Martin grinned and said “Oh, what are you going to arrest me with?” Martin would get his answer, when two very strong twigs tangled her wrists and legs and stumbled onto the ground. Martin started to roll around to try to break free. “STOP!” Blueberry had hopped back to rescue him “Untie him, now!” She said in a loud and firm voice, “he thinks he can make fun of us.” Lenny had put his leave like arms back to his hips and stood firmly by his decision. When Blueberry looked back at Martin he now had a twig over his mouth. “Beer, let him go. I’ll take him to Candyland where he will be brought to justice for his crimes.” More muttering from the other stocks. “All right, you can take him, just get him out of my sight.” Beer said and nodded the twigs to be untied from Martin’s body. “Come on” Blueberry said as she hopped away from the stocks and Martin followed behind her, walking slowly because he was too busy watching out the other twigs around his feet.

Blogs That I Love #2

I love making people happy, especially other bloggers! My blogroll is full of different kinds of blogs. Ranging from main three: beauty, fashion, lifestyle. To the less known but pretty important branches like, mommy, pet, and teenage blogs. There are really a LOT of different categories you can set your blog on. I’m mostly into the lifestyle and travel blogs the most! I love them all, because each one is different in their own way. I mean, you saw the differences in my last post of favorite bloggers. The designs of the blogs to the languages they speak. I like the differences, it keeps going back I think. It’s another week gone by and it’s time for my next round of blogs that I just love! I’ve even added a lot throughout this past week too! I have a lot to choose from, but I can only pick five. Who are your five favorite blogs you follow right now? If you don’t already follow these interesting people below, I suggest you do so!

  1. Fill My Little World – Bee is such a sweetheart! I love her cute little blog, from the traveling to different places to her just random posts about her cat Cosmo. I love when she talks about different foods that she’s tried in her day. The other day she blogged about Gelato in Paris. Weird, I know, but it looked like the real thing. I ended up wanting my dad to go get some at the store, but I knew he wouldn’t do that. Her blog is very inviting and you will love the pictures she shares!
  2. January Blonde – My friend Roxy is trying to finish her studies, like everybody else in the world! So she hasn’t got to blog much in the last couple of weeks. I miss her posts and tweets, but I know she’ll come back once she’s finished. She’s a beauty, fashion, and a little bit of a lifestyle blogger. She makes me want to go online shopping at Zara and find things! I love her personality, when she gets back I’m pretty sure I’m asking her on some advice about what to wear at a wedding in the beginning of autumn. She has the best style I’ve seen in a while. I’m not really girly in my clothes, but she makes me want to be girly though!
  3. LoveNiki – Niki is another girl who loves to talk about fashion and beauty. I’ve known her the longest. She’s very sweet and makes me envy how she can copy a celebrities look. She’s like me in a way, she has to change her blog all of the time and I fully understand that because that’s all I feel I do anymore. She does other blog topics too like, she’s do reviews, she talks about food a lot, and she blogged about unique soda drink flavors, like cookie dough and BACON! Yuck! If you go on her blog, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with too!
  4. Anette Olzon – Have I mentioned how much I love celebrity blogs? I only have three on my blogroll, I need to put up another one soon. I’ve been following Anette’s blog for a year or so I think! If you didn’t know, Anette Olzon is a Swedish singer that used to be a lead singer for both Alyson Avenue and Nightwish. She’s a mother to three boys and a newlywed. She also just released her debut solo album earlier this month! It’s such a good album too! She’s going on a mini tour this summer. Her first festival is in Finland and I wish I could go, but that’s really far away. She’s really very sweet! She does a lot of posts about her personal life, food, her healthy lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.
  5. Writing Essays With Wine Is Totally Fine – Emma is such a sweet but quite a character too! Just the title alone made me feel like, “I could get along with this girl!” Even though I’m not in school, she just makes me happy! She blogs about beauty and lifestyle. She is such a new blogger and learning the ropes, but I think she’s doing a pretty good job though! She talks about living in a healthier lifestyle and she does week reviews. Maybe when the summer comes, she’ll be blogging more and we’ll get to see more about her.