Ketchup With Us: Allergies and Twilight

It’s finally May!! A lot of people are looking forward to this month. A lot of kids are looking forward to this month, it’s the parents who don’t look forward to it because that means their kids will be at home all the time now. My sister is coming home this weekend after completing her first year in college. I’m pretty proud of her too. In the fall, she’ll be going to a college closer to home and she’s in between excited to be getting back to work. I know she’s pretty sad today since basically everybody is or has been leaving this entire week. She and her friends had one last hangout together last night. I like summer in a way, but it’s the heat and little spring we usually get that sucks the most! Okay, I got to get down to business here and start my Ketchup With Us post!

Mel and Michele are the hosts of Ketchup With Us. There are two ways of doing a post. You could do it in the way I’ve been doing it. A 10 minute post of whatever is in your head at the moment. Or you could link up any post you want, brand new or old post on your blog. Just send it to their blogs! 


I’ve decided to make a “secret” playlist on my Spotify for specifically KWU. I’ve run out of ten minute songs so I’ve had to add up one digit songs and hope for the best. Today, I’ve chosen “Remember” by Josh Groban (4:19), “Awakening” by Celtic Woman (5:15) and “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins (1:38). The actual playlist is one minute longer but that’s not bad! I hope you enjoy this!

It’s been a very interesting week, between the spider(s), TV, and my allergies in full swing. I honestly don’t know what I hated most. Granted, the spider thing is at the top anyways, but I’ve found that ABC’s website is a complete joke to use to watch shows online. Like, today I didn’t have any trouble watching last night’s episode of SVU but when I went to watch Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. yesterday I couldn’t do it freely, I had to put in my TV provider. I’m sorry but I don’t want a network knowing what kind of provider I watch my shows so that it could possibly charge me. It’s just not right. So I will wait until the first season comes out on DVD. My allergies have been a struggle for me lately. I’ve tons of pain from the top of my head, forehead, nose, and cheeks. It’s so weird and when I go to lie down, the pain goes away. Yesterday, I had so much pain that I was actually looking forward to bed time. Sometimes sleep takes away the pain. Something I’ve found myself looking into lately is, I’ve been getting into the whole Twilight fandom. I was NEVER a Twilight fan in the beginning mostly because The Vampire Diaries had just started and I was fully into the Salvatore brothers. Although, I did try to read the first book after watching the first movie. It was like two years after it came out. I was fully Team Jacob, Carlisle, and Jasper. I thought Kellan Lutz character “Emmett” looked and acted too much like Damon, so I didn’t like him for that reason. I’m more of a fan of Elena than Bella. So that’s what been happening lately.

2 thoughts on “Ketchup With Us: Allergies and Twilight

  1. Oh, I’m totally Team Jasper, too. Seriously, why aren’t there shirts for this? 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with Ketchup, Meghan. Please come back again on the 15th!


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