Tune Tuesday #3

It’s been a full of metal favorites in the past week. I’m still pretty picky for all male metal bands and the songs they produce. Sometimes I don’t like it as soon as it comes out and by the time I do say “it’s good” the radio stations have stopped playing it. If that happens then I’m not always happy but if I had learned to not judge so quickly then I wouldn’t have this problem. Anyways, this past week I’ve been listening to three songs that I can’t exactly get out of my system, but in a way I don’t want them to get out of my body either. Instead of two songs, this week I’m giving you three as it’s pretty difficult to choose between all three of them. I’ve been trying to remind myself to play these songs to my dad, but I keep forgetting. I think once he hears them enough he should like them just as much as I do. At least that’s what happened with Five Finger Death Punch. I am always a lover for songs that have a sexy feel to them, but it’s rare when a heavy metal has sexy moments within the actual song. I’ve found that it’s not always the lyrics that make it that way either, it’s usually the guitars! I am breaking this heavy metal fest with an album that is just released today! Hope you enjoy these tunes and what are you listening on this new music Tuesday?

Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood) by Hellyeah

Me And Mary Jane by Black Stone Cherry

Take Out The Gunman by Chevelle

Now Listening To:



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