Going All Neutral!

It’s another Monday here and surprisingly after all the storms last night, it looks like the sun is trying to make its escape from the clouds right now. On Monday’s, I am apart of the new challenge called #BloggersDoItBetter and the topic for today is bright and neutral. At first, I didn’t have a clue what to write about, especially since I had written about nails last night! The only idea I actually got just now is going all neutral with absolutely no make up at all! We’ve all seen the different challenges and celebrities take their makeup off and then post a “selfie.” Some odd reason, that ends up front and center on a magazine website. Well, my question for you is, well I have two questions for you actually.

Have you ever went without make up on your face and chest?

How many days have you went without makeup before?

What I’m about to tell you right now will be kind of shock for those of you who can’t leave the house without some sort of makeup on. I never have makeup on. Literally! When I was younger, I was like every other girl in school looking at other women and girls and loving the bright blue eye shadow and lipstick that my nana always used when we’d go out to eat. I remember her letting my sister and I wear this very light shade of pink lipstick into Red Lobster, Blondie looked very good with the pink that it actually became a thing with her later on in life. When I hit middle school and high school, I was in the middle of liking makeup and hating it at the same time. It was something I couldn’t do myself because of the fact that I can’t reach up that far. So my mom and sister would have to do it for me in the mornings.

There were very few days in my senior year that I actually wore makeup because that’s when I just got so tired with it, that I just gave up on it. My sister would have nights were she was bored so she gave me makeovers and I always cherished those because they were so rare. Afterwards, we’d basically have a little photo shoot in my room. For my senior year prom I actually didn’t wear any makeup at all. I only had that fake tanning stuff that you put on your body and after so many times of using it, the skin gets tanner. My dress had no sleeves and the chest area was open and we only used it twice in the two weeks we had to get ready for it. My chest was white as snow but my arms and shoulders were somewhat tan. It was a disaster!

It’s kind of funny for the weird days of actually wanting to put on makeup, but thankfully I have none so those thoughts go away as fast as they came! One essential that my sister always has is her eyeliner and mascara. She never really uses lipstick/lip gloss anymore, but she uses a natural blush on her cheeks. Something else that’s interesting that I don’t allow very many things around my eyes (you should see how I am at the eye doctor!) but I am fine with Blondie putting the eye makeup on me. I trust her a lot more than anyone else in that area. In September, I am going to a wedding and I’m trying to decide if I want her to put eyeliner/mascara on me or not. My problem is that I don’t know if I can get my mom to do it if she’s at school that day. I do know that I have to wear bold red lipstick as my friend knows that it’s on my bucket list. It’s only on special occasions that I want to wear makeup, but on other days I want nothing to do with it. So, do you think you could go a day or two without a shed of makeup on your face?

6 thoughts on “Going All Neutral!

  1. I started wearing make-up in stages, as I recall. I started wearing lipstick and lip gloss when I was a teen, then started adding a little powder and graduated mascara as I got older. It’s funny that was my whole make-up routine for years. It took some time before I went all out with liner, concealer, and blush on a consistent basis. I think it’s just that I got “girlier” as I got older. That being said, I’m completely fine leaving the house without make-up on, particularly on the weekends or if I’m running errands. I’m not one to freak out about that. In fact, I’m a believer that your skin needs breathing time. I usually only wear make-up to work or if I’m going out. Otherwise, it comes off the moment I get home. And I mean the moment I get home. I never sit in my house with a full face of make-up. I like feeling all natural. 🙂


    1. Well thank you for the comment! My sister likes to sleep in her makeup, especially her eyeliner and mascara. My mom never wears makeup anymore. She’s more into dying her hair! I don’t have a “girly” thing. Lol


  2. I never wear make up either. I only use lip gloss because I hate it when I have really dried lips, and well nail polish because I adore nail art ❤ But mascara and eyeliner and all that? I can't be bothered with time in the morning, and applying it really just takes some talent and patience I don't have xD So I guess we're similar when it comes to the make up basis…

    Check out my post about the same topic: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.nl/2014/05/love-notd.html


    1. Yeah, I love nail art too. That was the other thing when I’d get up for school was that my bus could come pretty early and so we’d have to rush quite a few times. So I completely agree with you. Thank you for the link! 🙂


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