Picture It & Write: Beautiful Creatures

Photographed by Robert Jahns
by Robert Jahns

They are mysterious and almost extinct.
They are like the Yeti up in the mountains, hidden away from the large city below and away from the poachers that long to not see their beauty, but for their antlers.
They are as famous the reindeer that some people talk in December.
Some, of course, don’t believe that these creatures exist anymore as about half of the animals were hunted for years before the government issued a no hunting ban on these beautiful animals.
They live in secret, some say inside a deep cave away from the people who do live up in the mountains.
Others say, there is a middle-aged man who used to hunt them but found them so strange and different that he didn’t want to hurt one.
Legend says he felt like if he killed one, then God would take him because he killed one of his unique deers away from his family too.
He swore to protect them, feed them and love them until he died.
According to reports, this man was supposed to die years ago, but the main reason why hunters go up in the mountains to hunt for them is because the antlers are supposed to have healing powers and everybody thinks that’s why the man is still alive, because of the deer are keeping him alive and safe for these men.


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