A Good Day Indoors

I really hate myself for not doing this post yesterday, but when mom was driving me home I was feeling a little weird. I guess I had used up more energy than I thought I had. When I first got home, I originally had plans on doing this as I had uploaded the pictures, edited them, and all that. Even though I was just saying yesterday that I usually have a good memory, I didn’t want to forget the little things. You know how much that would suck if I forget now? I’ve known about going over there for about two or three months now. I’m usually the type of person that hates being told I’m going somewhere that’s a couple of months ahead of right now. So my usual thought process was, “why did she say that, because when the time comes, it won’t happen?” A little bit of no expectations, no disappointments came into my mind like it always does. Every visit is this way and everytime I do over somewhere, we tend to never go back. Which isn’t a good thing for me because I ALWAYS expect these times to go the exact same way. The more the date came closer, I started to get really worried and then yesterday morning I woke up to my dad being sick. I literally wanted to hit the wall. However, I prayed that night before that if things didn’t pan out just get me to be positive. So even though I was getting worried and feeling bad for him too, I was not stuck in my thoughts like when these things happen.

850170174I woke up at 7am yesterday. I’ve finally been able to put my music on a low volume to listen to it while my folks are still asleep. So far they haven’t complained about it yet. My mom woke up at 9:30 or 10am and I had to try really hard to shield my smile because when I got and took off my covers I was feeling happy. I was still worried on the inside, but happy on the outside. My mom got me dressed and everything. My poor dad had a toothache but was still going on the bike ride. I’ve got to say I’ve never rode on the back of my dad’s bike because of two reasons, one sometimes my balancing sucks and two, well dad just doesn’t want me to ride it. Yesterday my mom drove her car behind dad, since he was driving the motorcycle. I’ve got to say, I haven’t done that before with him and it was really nerve-wrecking! It was so nice to go there and see all of the pretty green, white, pink, and purple leaves. Spring brings out the happy colors. When we got there, I was surprised they got my wheelchair inside their house because it looked from my place in the car that it wasn’t going to fit. There’s a pretty good step when you go into their place, so I knew I wasn’t going outside. It was okay there, I didn’t want to leave when I first got inside. When I go to people’s houses in my electric wheelchair I feel somewhat in the way of everything, that’s another thought that never tries to leave me alone but I managed to shut it off for a while. Their house was small but very roomy. Kristen and Casey don’t smoke in their house either, which I sort of envied because it smelled amazing throughout the house! Candles and Scenty candles everywhere! There was one on the kitchen table that added this pop, that didn’t need to be there, but it was an extra detail. It smelt like pineapple, at least that’s what I thought it smelled like, I could be wrong.

850170130My mom had told me that morning that Kristen took her daughter Katie to get some things and one of the things they got were two different nail polishes. They got this very bright orange – it wasn’t a neon color, because it had a darker tone to it. The other color was a darker but sort of light shade of purple. I regret not doing a two coat while using that color but it was somewhat difficult to paint a little girl’s fingers when I’ve actually never done it before. My nana has been awesome practice though so can’t complain much, Katie was really good with me though! She and her brother Aiden know about my feet and arms, so she did her best not making any sudden movements on me. Casey gave us some paper towels and Q-Tips for the mistakes. I only wanted three of them but I’m glad he gave us six because we needed them! Katie was very like my little helper, she took pictures for me and attempted to wipe the extra polish on the sides of her fingers for me. It was a fun bonding time for the both of us, I feel bad that I had to leave before she could do mine. I know how much she was looking forward to doing that. So I feel bad about that. Aiden and I bonded over our fear of bees and wasps, actually everybody but Maci and Casey are afraid of them! I contained my fear of them as best as I could but at times it was a bit difficult to do. I didn’t want to freak Kristen or the kids out so I kept my mouth shut. Aiden had apparently got stung by a bee on the back several times on Friday at recess, so the poor kid’s been a little freaked out by them ever since. I don’t blame him either honestly!

I ate lunch with the kids and one of their neighbor and friend’s kids. We had hot dogs and french fries. I actually had a hot dog that didn’t get warmed up in the microwave. Maybe that’s why I liked it more than I usually do! Casey was offering to cook them for her, because (and I just thought he was kidding) Kristen doesn’t like hot dogs. She literally grabbed the very edge of the packaging to get them out of the fridge and had to be delicate to get the wrappings to open and she used a fork to get each one out. It was kind of hilarious! She was nice enough to feed me even though Katie had offered first! One of the rules for the kids was that they can’t leave the table without eating all of their food. Aiden had basically eaten a half a box of candy he still had from Easter and he still managed to eat everything on his plate. Katie was a pistol and tried to talk her way out of eating everything. I wasn’t trying to be a good role model to them and I still ate everything on my plate. Afterwards, the kids went outside to play and I went back into the living room to play “fetch” with Maci who thought it was funny of me to chase after her pacifier everytime it landed on the floor. She attempted to crawl around on the ground a couple of times, but she’s a bit lazy. Casey took her out for a walk to get some Life Saver gummies. Little Maci loves them but sometimes she likes to spit them right out and they land on her legs. We found like three on her legs. When my mom and dad got back, it was three hours after I got there. I was not a happy camper. Mom tried to get him to stay out a little longer for me but he was tired. So they came back.

850170024They were supposed to go to the bike rally thing and they missed it by 20 minutes even though they got there on time. So they improvised and drove around. They went to see my dad’s grandma and his puppy Bugsey. My mom posted a couple of pictures of the three of them. It was so cute! When they got there, dad stayed there for like five minutes and then went home. My mom stayed a little longer and sat in the living room and talked with Kristen and Casey. The kids were playing indoors and outside. By the time we left I didn’t want to leave physically, but by a half hour in the car I could feel my body feeling a little weird. I say “weird” because I can’t exactly describe what I was going through. I felt tired but I didn’t know how I could be THAT tired. I’m pretty sure I got more than eight hours of sleep last night. Everytime I got up in the middle of the night, I went back to school. That never happens. I had lots of fun yesterday. Next time Katie will paint my nails. This morning when I woke up, I wasn’t THAT happy like I was yesterday morning, but after mom got back from doing my nana’s errands. She brought back a Lavender shirt that I really want to tie dye! And she also got me Banana Nut Muffins! I was thinking of having the Reese’s cookies that Kristen made yesterday and gave me to take home for breakfast but I can have them later.


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