Which Would You Choose?

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I like this kind of prompt because it gets my mind to really think about my answer. The only bad part of this is as long as I had a full reign of where each place was then it would much more difficult for me to choose. I love all three of these choices honestly. I think I would enjoy each of them very well and that’s why that is another reason why this would be difficult to choose as well. Everybody knows I am a bookworm, so a library would suit me well. However, it can’t be just any of old ordinary library in a small town though. I would get bored with a smaller library than a larger. If I’m going to be there for the rest of my life I would want to go to National Library of Congress in Washing D.C. I’ve seen the movie National Treasure: Book Of Secrets enough to know that this is the largest library in the country and has over 36 million books there. I would be set for the rest of my life if I would to live in that place. Is it sad that I have actually had dreams of living in a library before? Not that library, but in a smaller one? It was kind of cool because I pictured somebody was trying to break in and steal something and I was like a spy, nobody was stealing anything from there. There’s my inner nerd coming out loud and clear.

A museum, well for starters I haven’t been to many museums, only to a few when I was younger. They were kiddy museums but still wonderful and I could see myself living in one of them. Especially the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, IN. I have went there twice. Once when I was in fifth grade, it was our last big trip for school and they got these HUGE buses to bring us there so we wouldn’t have to use our uncomfortable school buses for the two-hour drive there. We actually had comfortable seats, which was nice because I was still recovering from my surgeries and I don’t remember feeling any of the bumps on our way there and coming home. I went back when I was 19 and I was in a push wheelchair with my aunt, her husband at the time, and my little cousin. Everybody we went around probably thought I was a lot younger than I was, which at that time and place I was perfectly fine with that. I had basically driven myself crazy for going to a children’s museum when I was almost twenty. I would love to visit an art museum one day, but I would rather live out the rest of my days in the Children’s Museum any day. Especially if they had that big Ancient Egypt exhibit going on. I would be in heaven, because that was the reason why I went there when I was 19 years old. Don’t judge me!

 Living in a zoo, man! Every kid probably wants that honestly. It’s bad enough that my dad and I had seen the advertisement for St. Louis Zoo on my TV Wednesday afternoon. We both watched it and I said to him, “my inner kid wants to go back” and then we saw where it was from and we both said “hey!” at the same time. While I was having my surgeries we could take trips with our families and we went there twice. My roommate’s mom invited  my mom and I to go with them and then my roommate and I went with Great Length’s group and it was so nice both days. I always say I want to go to the zoo, because I generally do. I don’t think that part of you ever doesn’t want to never go back to the zoo. If you don’t like zoo’s you’re not right in the head. Zoos opened your mind of the world and it’s animal kingdom. I’ve been to countless different zoos and aquariums but I always want to go back, but it never happens. I actually have it on my “bucket list” that I’d like to be taken on a date to the zoo one day. I’m actually being serious about it too. I would. If I had to live out the rest of my days in a zoo, I think I’d get bored quickly. Because unless I was actually feeding the animals or holding babies then what’s the point of going back everyday? So I’d say no to ever wanting to live there if I had a choose but I would still love to go back and visit though!


6 thoughts on “Which Would You Choose?

  1. Hi Megan
    That’s an interesting CONUNDRUM you’ve posed here, However if one examines the choices one by one the answer would must certainly be realized.
    LIBRARY – What do I do when ALL the books I’d like to read gets read. BOREDOM would begin to set in.
    MUSEUM – How many times can one actually look at something without BOREDOM finally takes over.
    ZOO – How could anyone lose any interest here. How could anyone not miss life passing in front of one’s eyes on a daily basis: LIFE, COURTSHIP, BIRTHS, and finally DEATH. A ZOO is ever-changing with so much which can be seen, one misses most of what’s happening.
    So where would I like to spend the REST OF MY LIFE, anyone can plainly see given what I’ve written here, it would have to be A ZOO !!!

    THANKS for posting this CONUNDRUM Megan


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