Blogs That I Love

I’ve been finding more and more bloggers and their sites almost everyday! I love it too! Twitter has become my number one source of both an audience and inspiration as with the bloggers that I currently read on a daily basis. Sadly, before I started sharing my blog links everyday on Twitter and gaining links from others, I think I only read about five blogs and I follow a lot more than that. I feel bad saying that, but since I don’t use my email like I probably should at times.  I have quite a few that tend to comment on here that I do actually keep up with, but when I know I’ll read their posts and continue to do so, I put them on my “blogroll” on the right side. It’s been my little “To-Do” list in a way. There are a few blogs that I read constantly and I love their stuff. I would like for this to be a weekly thing and maybe I’ll keep up with it as with other blogs that I gain each day. So here are some five favorite blogs at the moment!

  1. All That Glitters – Candice writes about her life in Los Angeles, CA such as food, travel, fashion, and etc. I have been really into her blog and I just met her like a couple of weeks ago. Things I like about her is that she’s a book-worm like myself and she’s very, very sweet!
  2. Dainty Ghosts – I love Claire as a whole! She is such a little adorable and a total sweetheart! I love talking to her during blog chats and in general. She is a lifestyle blogger as well! She comes from Northern Ireland and she’s got a pastel red hair that I am in love with! Her blog is so inviting and colorful that her personality is just as bright!
  3. Down2Date – This is a dating blog fill of good AND bad dating stories. Some of them are down right hilarious! I’ve literally caught myself laughing my ass off while reading about these crazy people. Dame Dessa and Searching Stella are so sweet and I love talking to them on Twitter, the things that they post on there is just as funny than what’s on their blog. Even though I have never went on a date before, I still love reading their posts and it reminds me that online dating just isn’t worth it sometimes!
  4. Elsa Pataky – I am a big fan of Elsa, from seeing her on the movie “Fast Five” I was basically hooked. I probably should have her blog on my blogroll but it’s the only way I can keep up with it. If you didn’t know she’s blogging about her life and what she likes on Spain’s version of Glamour magazine, so that means she is writing it all in Spanish, which is her first language and she is from Spain too! Anyways, I must have Google translate the whole blog so I can read it, but it’s worth it. I love her blog and she does Q&A’s from people who have commented on her posts. She seems so nice and I love reading about her thoughts and her healthy lifestyle!
  5. Jenni Hearted – I found Jenni probably a week ago. I found her during one of the many blog chats I get involved in during the week! I am in love with her very girly blog. She is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger! One of the things that kept going on her blog was her photos were absolutely breathtaking! She was my inspiration to start the “Roll With Me” posts. She does her own, calling them “Walk With Me” and she shares tons of pictures of what she sees on her walks and even shares a playlist at the end of each one. I do mine in a similar fashion but without the playlist. She is a sweetheart and I love talking to her and always look forward to her posts!

2 thoughts on “Blogs That I Love

  1. Aww – This is too sweet of you Meghan! Thanks so much for the blog love 🙂
    It’s so crazy how Twitter instantly puts you in touch with the most interesting people from all over the world, huh!?! It’s been great getting to know you out in cyberspace! Have a nice weekend!


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