Tune Tuesday #2

So last week I started this new thing I saw on another blog and I wanted to do it too. It gives me something to do on a Tuesday, but the bad part of it is throughout the rest of the week you think of songs you could choose to be recognized in the beginning of the day. So what I do is every Tuesday is when new music comes out and but throughout the week, you don’t necessarily listen to new music for the remainder of the week, so I have come up with a solution to that. I pick two songs that I have listened to constantly the week before and then lastly I pick a new or old album/soundtracks that I like or I have been listening to, usually it’s a new album, not this week. Next week will be fun, because I have like three albums coming out in the same week. Here are my songs and album of this past week:

She Moved Thru The Fair by Celtic Woman

Stardust by Delain

Album Or Soundtrack:


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