I’m Always Here To Help

Happy Earth Day

I’ve found recently that there are a lot of teenage bloggers out there. I’ve always thought adults did the blogging thing and if you did any blogging in school, it was for one or two classes and then you’d forget about it. That’s what I generally thought I would do after I finished my Grammar class in high school. When I got out of there, I was basically the only one in my class who kept up with it. It was like a drug for me in the beginning. If I was in another class that had the use of computers and I was done with my things, I was on there checking out my stats and talking about my classes like it was my own diary. I had owned journals and diaries when I was younger, but I was never into them because I was afraid if my parents ever saw what I was writing about inside. If we had a little notebook from the past, we’d look inside and read them out loud and basically make fun of each other. So instead of another one of those incidents to happen again, I converted to online blogging as my escape. I started my first blog in late 2009 and I was blogging about almost everything. We were limited of what to share while we were in the class, since our teacher monitored our stuff regularly. When it was Christmas break, I went and made my blog my own and started getting more and more personal on it and I was even adding pictures of myself on there. A year after, I found another site for bloggers and one of my new Twitter friends’ was a blogger of the site and I instantly wanted to switch sides. I felt like I had kind of graduated from high school blog to young adult blog.

The more people I followed on Twitter, the more I saw they were using Tumblr. I had tried getting into that whole trend, although it was fun for a while, the freezing ups all the time just got annoying so my friend got me into Pinterest and I’ve basically addicted to that since I started it. I’ve seen a LOT of teenagers use Tumblr as their way of blogging. It was their way to express themselves, my sister had or still has one that she uses and when she tried to do real blogging like me, it just didn’t work out for her. I don’t know if it was because she thought that she couldn’t express herself without me looking at her stuff or what, but she only used it for three days. I’m so far the only one in my family who blogs. It’s became more of a hobby to me. On days where I feel like I can’t blog anymore are days when I get a nice complement on a post of mine or just me in general. They remind me everytime that if I stopped blogging, I wouldn’t be making people smile. I wouldn’t be inspiring somebody to do new things or doubt themselves. I have never been the one to feel like I’m inspiration to others, because I’ve never really felt like there was anything inspiring to me. So I do things with my feet and I use a wheelchair, big deal! That’s what goes through my head constantly! Those thoughts are somewhat good in a way because then your ego is gone and staying humble to yourself. Blogging brings out your inner demons AND your positive side in the world around you and gives you a new perspective on things.

I try to be the nice blogger that’s always out to help these younger bloggers with topic suggestions, who to follow, and etc. Even though I kind of stir away from the beauty and fashion bloggers the majority of the time. I’m not trying to be mean but I have nothing (usually) to relate to. I am in the lifestyle boat. I talk about life, books, movies, music, nature, family, friends, food, and I write short stories here and there. I’m also apart of a few writing challenges. They are always nice to do when you have writer’s block. The importance of this post is leading a helping hand for new bloggers, whatever your age is! I am doing what I wish I had when I started blogging on my own, kind of guiding me on my way, helping get topics for my new blog post. I’m not asking for anything in return so my help is for free. If you would like to follow me, I’m on both Twitter and Facebook so you can ask me there if you want!


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