#BloggersDoItBetter – Bloggers Do Bargain!

All right, recently I’ve jumped on the #BloggersDoItBetter challenge! It is hosted by Gemma of Touch Of Belle. I finally saw what the topic was after I went and accidentally deleted the emails, thank god when they’re in “Trash” it doesn’t delete them fully or I’d be screwed. Anyways, the topic is “Bloggers Do Bargains Better.” I’m not a stranger to doing DIY projects, I have quite a few I want to do this summer, but I think two bargains I’ve done is two that I loved doing and they are doing nails and decorating pumpkins.

Last year, my nana and I started doing little things to pass the time in the week when I was going to physical therapy. I was constantly on Pinterest finding all sorts of things, one of these were DIY nail art. I love doing new things with my feet and nail art is something can be a challenge in itself and even though it was somewhat difficult to do, I still did it and was more calm while doing it then drawing some of my artwork. It was such a difference of how I wasn’t rushing myself or putting too much pressure on myself for things to look perfect because artist can be perfectionists. I am one of them in my other art projects. I did two different designs on my nana’s fingers in two months. I gave her bumblebee nails and golden nails.

Bumblebee Nails:1174952_426622784113977_2114778003_n

  1.  For the bumblebee nails, you need both bright yellow polish and black polish.
  2. I painted the nails with the two coats of yellow polish.
  3. Let them dry for a bit.
  4. Then while they were drying (this was our first mistake) cut small strips of tape to cover each nail.
  5. After they were on the spot where I wanted them, which wasn’t an easy process when you’re working with big toes.
  6. Apply a coat or two of black polish and them dry, once they’re dried gently pull off the tape.
  7. Then apply a clear coat.


The Golden Thumbs:BSSU_LpCYAAHkTL

  1. For the golden thumbs, you basically any pastel polish that will look good with gold glitter.
  2. I painted all five nails in a very light pink polish.
  3. I think it was like three or four coats so you could actually see the color good enough.
  4. I left the thumbs to last as we didn’t want glitter to be in the other nails.
  5. After they’ve dried, I painted the thumbs with two coats to make sure they were wet enough for the glitter to stick.
  6. My nana has these glitter sticks she’s never used before and we used a paper plate to catch the glitter, she held the plate in her lap and I poured the glitter onto both thumbs.
  7. She scrapped the edges to get the excess off.
  8. She also applied a clear coat of polish that night as the glitter was peeling off the nail.


6 thoughts on “#BloggersDoItBetter – Bloggers Do Bargain!

  1. To be honest, I draw and do nail art too. And although I love drawing, I know I love doing nail art too. It’s such a difficult challenge, but when you get it just right it’s a lovely moment. Also, you get to wear it around for a few days as well! I mostly do it on myself which is the hardest bit, but I’m trying to teach myself to do it on other people too. Perfectionist? Sounds like me too. Pinterest? I’m addicted. We have so much in common!

    Check out my post about the same topic: http://olivia-savannah.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/do-it-yourself-with-someone.html


    1. Lol I love doing nail art on other people, but I can’t do it on myself. I’d be all over the place. It would not be the smartest idea ever, but my nana whose in in her mid-70s she does the nail art on my fingers and toes. I like doing the one color on one toe and another on the other. I also like the four toes same color, but one toe has a different color than the rest. I did that once with a bright red and sparkly gold, I thought it looked classy, everybody on my Facebook thought it looked like I was having an Iron Man moment. Totally forgot about that!! We do have lots in common!:D


  2. For me doing my nails is like some sort of therapy as I forget everything around me and focus only on painting my nails. I find it is a way to relax and be with yourself for a moment. It’s great that you’re doing this with your nana.


    1. Thanks! It is very therapeutic in a way! I’m just surprised its one thing that involves the word “art” in it and I’m not a total perfectionist and don’t put loads of pressure on myself while I’m doing them. 🙂


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