Picture It & Write: The Blood Red Moon

I never do this, but I really liked Ermisenda’s take on the picture and she did kind of do a cliffhanger to hers, I think I should kind of do the next part. I hope she likes it. Here’s her part:

“If you ever feel alone and scared, just look up at the sky. Know that I am staring at the same beautiful moon as you are, and only distance separates us,” she had whispered into my skin days ago.

With beads of sweat running down my face, I ran outside. The cold wind tore through my clothes. I looked up, desperate to feel connected to her. When I saw the moon, I flinched. It was blood red.

“They know…” I gasped.

I ran back into the cabin as fast as I could, the moon sat in the middle of the sky, warning me and the others that evil was coming sooner than later.
Once I was at the door, it was dark.
I thought I had left the fire burning in the pit and when I went inside I had a sense of evil spirits roaming inside.
Little whispers of warning, “Go…run…get out of her Devin.” they kept saying to me.
My little sister’s room was dark and empty, whatever dark spirit came here took her along.
Maybe she was the one warning me to get away, because I knew I’d be next.
I grabbed my bag of supplies and ran out of there with a cloud of black dust following behind me.
The dark spirits needed my soul to take to the Queen.
That’s who took my love, she and the moon were siblings.
If she was in trouble or somebody from the dark worlds was on the land then she’d send out a red aura on the moon as a warning to all of the good people of Henke.
If the moon was that dark of a shade of red that meant she knows what they’re out for; it’s not just your souls.
They want to become a passenger inside of you and use you to their advantage.
That also meant, Amora’s ex could also take me as a passenger and use me against the love of my life and kill her.


10 thoughts on “Picture It & Write: The Blood Red Moon

  1. I loved how you continued from my piece. I always find it exciting when people do chain stories, I’ve been thinking of making a little exercise on Ermilia where people HAVE to continue the story on. I really liked the dark prophecy theme that was running through this. It seems to me like you have the beginning to inspire you to make a novel with all this talk of prophecy, love, tragedy, and betrayal. 😀

    – Ermisenda


    1. Thanks and you should!! I tried to create a challenge like that before but nobody entered it 😦 I think if people like PI&W then they might like this too!! So go for it! 🙂


      1. There’s always the issue of ‘is there enough people interested’ but I think since Pi&W is so popular, as you said, we should get enough people. And if not, at least I know you’ll be pat of it and we can make an awesome chain story. 😛


  2. I was glad to see a continuation too. I saw the Cirque du Soleil presentation of Amaluna recently, and this reminded me a little of that performance and how the queen and the moon mother seemed to be connected to each other.


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