Easter Egg Hunt

lightsoutI have a lot of friends who are parents and so that last week before Easter, I’m expecting to see a bunch of pictures of them painting Easter eggs with their kids. I’ve only seen one family post pictures and it was yesterday. Last year I helped the girls in the activities department decorate  eggs with the residents. After painting that ornament for Christmas and it breaking even before we got it home, I brought it upon myself to bring an egg to the girls or residents who can hold things in their hands. Everybody including myself seemed to enjoy it because my toes have an amazing grip that I can practically hold anything but I’m not wonder woman, considering the four eggs I had accidentally dropped on the floor too! Like I thought that whole afternoon, at least I didn’t run over them with my wheelchair. That’s always a plus!

I think the last time I actually decorated an Easter egg was in 2010, because my mom was depressed that a month afterwards I would be graduating from high school and my sister was going to be starting her second year in high school, so she was feeling down about her daughters growing up and I’m pretty sure I was down to do them, Blondie wasn’t but she never is. I always had trouble with painting eggs there’s denying it here! The food coloring stained my feet in a light shade of blue, red, and green. Thank god you could never see the yellow! For us, especially after I had my surgeries we never did the actually egg hunts because I couldn’t scoot as fast as I used to. I do remember after making them we’d eat them on Easter for lunch. I was the weird one in our family, everybody could get deviled eggs but I couldn’t. You had to take the yellow stuff out for me to eat it and douse it in salt. I have never liked the insides and probably never will honestly! I do remember a few times of going over to my nana’s, making the eggs, and then doing the egg hunt over there with my cousins. That was always fun!  There was a few times where we didn’t want to do the coloring but we still wanted to do the egg hunt, so mom and/or nana got us the plastic eggs and stuck candies inside and they have a medium size backyard and they would put the eggs around there and I’m pretty sure that they hid some in the front yard for me so I didn’t have to fight for mine against my sister.

I am going to an Easter party this evening. One of my friends said that they’re doing an Easter egg hunt over there and I’m kind of excited even though I don’t think I’ll be joining in. I think I’ll be the one attempting to take pictures for tomorrow’s blog post. Like I said they have that, an adorable decorated egg Pinta, and a feast to die for! I’m actually really excited but I hope to charge my phone and wheelchair up before the party starts! I hope everybody has a good Easter in case I have too much fun tonight that I end up sleeping all day tomorrow!


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