The Start Of Easter Week

truth ♡

Hello, good evening!! Hope you all enjoyed your Monday and it’s Easter week! I’m going about this post a little differently. I’m going to sound very weird and a little bit of a hypocrite considering I’m using this poster included with this post, but I don’t care.

Anyways, if you were to look on my Twitter followers/following there is a diversion between UK bloggers and Irish bloggers. As much as I’d like to visit both places I am not from either one but I find it interesting how people from the opposite side of the world speaks, acts, and does things in the daily life that’s generally not as different from us. America’s are addicted to coffee like the British are hooked to their tea. Well, I’m sad to say that I hate both. I’ve never liked either one and I’ve tried different ways of drinking them but I’ve never had the stomach for them. I love the smell of strong coffee but there’s only so much I can take before my stomach starts doing cartwheels. My dad can make a mean sweet tea, but I can’t drink it. I’m the same way with hot chocolate, to me that stuff just tastes like burnt liquid chocolate and it makes me want to cry!

In about three hours it will be time for Dancing With The Stars, and it’s Disney Week! My mom’s been teasing me about it because I’m obsessed with everything Disney. Not to make my case any worse but I have 17 Disney classics in my DVR. Something that happened today was I was apart of another blog chat, this time it was with others apart of a new writing challenge I’m doing now, called “Bloggers Do It Better.” Hopefully, I’ll get that email soon and might work on it after DWTS but I have no idea yet. Tomorrow I have two more chats and then that evening is Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The Originals. I’m so excited! I’m hoping my brain works better so I can come up with more posts for this week!

Enjoy the rest of your evening and your Tuesday! ♥

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