This One Time At Band Camp…

writingThis one time at band camp…is it sad that I never went to band camp? Or any kind of camp? I mean, literally! The one time I could have spent the night in a tent was with my Girl Scout troop. The only reason why my sister and I never slept in it was because of the fact we hated bugs. We were NOT the best kids in the world when it came to summer weather. Summer brought out our immature sides loud and clear. If a wasp or bee or basically anything that could fly by us was the worst possible thing to ever happen. Our parents didn’t like it much either and so camping was out of the question. Unless we were indoors and so were are beds, that was the only way it could happen. Slumber parties was practically the same way. We could hold them, but I had to be the scardy cat in the family. My first one I ever went to, I had to come home at midnight.

Honestly, I was never jealous of my sister when she’d go to her camp for cheer. She went to sleepovers and camp and rock them! I always felt like something could go wrong and I’d get into trouble somehow, it would never happen like that, but in my head it looked like a disaster waiting to happen. One party I remember going to was a Halloween party when I was still in middle school. It was our last year in middle school before we went with the older kids. It was also the time when I didn’t have any black shirts or pants for that matter! I only had one black shirt and it was a church shirt. I knew my friends drank and smoked things, at that time I actually wanted to try it and my mom knew this too. She always told me that I didn’t have to do things if I wanted to. We spent most of our time down in the basement but some of them wanted to watch a horror movie and there was no way in hell I was watching that, so my friend and I went upstairs and I think we got halfway through our movie when we started noticing that they weren’t watching another movie. So we went back downstairs and I remember passing out before anybody else did and the first one to get up that morning. That’s what I always did and I still do that! That’s mainly the only sleepover I remember going to the most because everything that was supposed to happen, never did.

Did you go to any sort of camp while you were in school? What were your experiences like? Do you remember any of your sleepovers you had as a kid or remember going to any of your friends? What happened?


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